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The "Freeola Customer Forum" forum, which includes Retro Game Reviews, has been archived and is now read-only. You cannot post here or create a new thread or review on this forum.

Sat 23/09/06 at 10:15
Posts: 19,415
Has anyone else set up an account? I finally got round to it. Well actually I set one up before but I got rid of it not long after, however now's a good time to start again. :)

I'll have to start adding some content it's looking very dull at the moment, especially as I got rid of Tom and have no friends now heh.

My MySpace

One day you'll find me on here :'(
Tue 27/02/07 at 12:39
Posts: 4,686

He wasn't the smartest anyway.
Tue 27/02/07 at 11:31
Posts: 14,437
Boo, damn inbreds :(

Guess some people have too much ime on their hands and not enough IQ to use it wisely.
Tue 27/02/07 at 11:14
Posts: 4,686
The user signed up here. Laura (Sunflower) mailed me about it last night.

I've texted him. Basically, he thought I could handle a joke. Well, it's a sick joke. Stealing photos, editing them, publicly humilating me in front of some of my new friends... Annoying really. Especially as he won't own up to whoever is doing it, but, now I have lost a friends, although he's not worth having if he thinks it's funny.

I think a lot of our group have bunched away, having texts from some other friends saying that he's gone too far, that he's the joke.

The best thing is though, myspace did nothing. Which is why I'm glad they've come here as freeola are pretty harsh on rule breaking.

But, I have the heavies working on it now :D
Tue 27/02/07 at 11:05
Posts: 14,437
Is it a user of these forums or do you mean the culprit has now signed up here?
Tue 27/02/07 at 11:03
Posts: 4,686
Sour situations - I'm stuck right in one! :D Hope it works itself out. It usually does.

One'sthe test everybody basically has to do, the other is way out of my hands as I'm just supportng a team at a local derby match.

This whole myspace thing has left a very sour taste in my mouth. And it's so obvious who is behind it all. Now they are here, it makes it even clearer, as only several people I know know that I am a user here. But it's ending very soon. I'll make sure of that.
Tue 27/02/07 at 10:58
Posts: 14,437
I've just turned sour because of yet another 'situation' at work.

But anyway, two tests eh? Good luck with em :)
Tue 27/02/07 at 10:52
Posts: 4,686
Bullett wrote:
> The hippy hath spoken ;)

It's not good to mess with hippy on the day of two big tests :D

Nice to be back, powerful and all :D

How are you two, did't see you on myspace earlier.
Tue 27/02/07 at 10:44
Posts: 9,397
Smeds if your about, ive posted some Beer pics on your page :) Enjoy!

Oh and Sunny, I put a 'Little' Something on yours too.
Tue 27/02/07 at 10:33
Posts: 14,437
The hippy hath spoken ;)
Tue 27/02/07 at 10:19
Posts: 4,686
hadesh da ph
something violating terms of freeola chat

In response to your previous posts and now you have made the right amount of effort so I can actually ID who is actually trolling me, then it is my job to do my moderation job to
a) delete your post
b) repport you to ht estaff of freeola.

I have used the following information to make this decision:

Do not spam - Spamming is unnecessarily filling our forums full of pointless posts that serve no purpose to anyone.

That comment meant nothing - it was a completely useless post. Which basically was repeated earlier on in the thread.

Do not post offensive material - "...but ill-informed, ignorant comments will not be accepted."

So your previous comments were useless and ignorant.

Do not troll or cause trouble - Anyone found to be purposely winding up other users (trolling) or causing trouble (eg. trying to break the site, using other people's usernames etc.) will be warned - we're providing a place for you to visit, and we'd ask you to respect our rules and behave yourself. If you cannot follow these simple regulations then we will have to ask you to leave. If necessary, we can pass your details on to higher authority should we deem it a serious enough offence.

I know the reason you are on here, just causing trouble for me. In my refuge. And now, several other users have told me that you are badgering them. As you are just a general trouble maker that has no interest in anything other than making my friends' and I lives hell, I've reported you on this ground as well.

Also, if it continues, freeola may deem it fit to actually to pass your details on to the authorities.

We reserve the right to update and change these rules as we see fit, and to warn/ban any users we feel are acting innappropriately. Please respect these rules and enjoy your time on Freeola UK Chat Forums.

Source: freeola Chat Rules

And if you missed that in your run in to cause trouble on this fantastic site, then you may have missed the fact that the forum does not allow constant misuse of English. If you want to insult us, please let us know straight away, as some of us no longer have the time or effort to decipher from someone who lives to annoy.

And fr the last time, leave me alone and stop your pointless hate campaigns.

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