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Tue 01/10/02 at 20:12
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I'm a little young to be talking about this, but I want some advice to do with university. My sister's been looking, and I really want to do Mathematics and Computer Sciences in Oxford. The success rate is only something like 38%, so it's not very high. I'm at the stage in my life where I have to choose college subjects, and I really want to get to Oxford. So the question is, what do I take? I only want to take maths, computer sciences and japanese, which leaves me with 2 free choices. Physics, maybe, but what else if I'm to do what I want to do?
Sun 06/10/02 at 20:35
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That's the thing - I want to do computer sciences because I want to learn programming. Plus, there's nothing else which I want to do, especially none of these really aweful subjects such as flowerpotting and tile-laying.

Yes, I made them up.
Sun 06/10/02 at 19:15
"smile, it's free"
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And I'll say again that Computer Science A-level is almost useless as preparation for a Computer Sciences degree. That's the first thing we were told when we started our course.

IT A-level won't help either.

Maths however, will. Particularly further maths. Not only is it relevant in many places, but it shows you've got the right mindset to be able to do a computer science degree.
Sun 06/10/02 at 18:25
Posts: 3,110
Cheers, guys, I've not really decided yet but my main problem is that science is my weak area, so I only really want to do one science. Again, I should stress that Computer Sciences is a different subject to IT. I can say that I write in my spare time for EDGE magazine (which I've done once), and like programming. I'll do further maths, because it's required, so I think I'll stick with just 4 A levels and a Japanese GCSE. Seems easy, and it means more time can be put into less work.

Thanks for all the advice.
Sat 05/10/02 at 11:52
"allardini's tagline"
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Heh, my sister in 6th form's trying for English Lit at Cambridge.
Thu 03/10/02 at 21:49
".......on the attac"
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Stryke wrote:
> Leeds? Don't make me laugh. If he's got the academic potential, why
> waste it by going somewhere average like Leeds?

Well, obviously you are a clued up person.
Thu 03/10/02 at 09:36
"Not your monkey"
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I did Maths, physics, and econmics A-Level and got into Manchester to do Computer Science (Now in final year). I also got a C or something in IT AS-Level but no-one cared about it at all. Useless.

Manchester is supposedly the best CS department in the country too (not sure how they work that out though - % going into a job after graduation I think).

And Manchester rules. Kicks the backside off London (yes, I have been there - I used to live there)
Thu 03/10/02 at 08:04
Posts: 16,548
Leeds? Don't make me laugh. If he's got the academic potential, why waste it by going somewhere average like Leeds? And you'll have a laugh at any university.
Thu 03/10/02 at 02:54
".......on the attac"
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Sod Oxford, go to Leeds and have a really good time.

University is about learning more than just your subject. Go live in a vibrant city and enjoy yourself.

(Leeds can be replaced by Newcastle or Manchester in this instance).

Oh yeah, sod Computer Science at A-level. All you'll learn is how to make pretty pages in Word :)

Science is the way to go. Do Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths. And Latin..... :)
Wed 02/10/02 at 12:38
"Picking a winner!"
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Maths is vital and advanced maths (or whatever you call it) would be helpful but only if you are confident of getting a decent grade. I'm also in my third year of a computer science degree.
I would suggest Physics, maths, another science and a subject you like doing.

Also get a head start. Learn some programming if you don't already know any. If you want help, info or suggestions just post on here.
Wed 02/10/02 at 09:57
"smile, it's free"
Posts: 6,460
Computer Science A level is a waste of time, it really is. There are NO compsci/scompsci with math courses which have it as a prerequisite. I'm doing compsci as a degree (in my third year now), and I did no IT related A-levels.

Mahs however, is vital. I reccomend you take Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and maybe Further Maths too.

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