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"You've heard of Console wars.... This is animal wars. Which is the best?"

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Sun 29/09/02 at 20:33
Posts: 787
Hmmmmm well which animal is the most best animal in the world would you think? Personally I think Cats are the best animals in the world. They clean themselves, walk themselves. Are very affectionate but not as affectionate dogs which is good because dogs smell and poo in your garden which is bad but cats have pride and poo in other peoples gardens.

Do you think cats or any animals have any potential in THE FUTURE OF GAMING? Are animals in games good or bad? I personally prefer games with humans rather than animals and aliens. When you think about sonic.. was that good? Instead of A hedgehog what would be a good animal character.... I'd say a hamster which would be called Phonic..... oh man what a brilliant idea. Just think about it... Phonic the Hamster.
Mon 30/09/02 at 21:57
" ban the Taliban"
Posts: 1,298
two words:
Whats Slender Loris?
Mon 30/09/02 at 18:13
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Two words:
Mon 30/09/02 at 18:00
" ban the Taliban"
Posts: 1,298
I thought of something really cool today... Instead of Phonic the hamster and Sonic the hedgehog..... how bout..... Chronic the Hamster. I could give you the idea of the best game in the worold but it'd probably get banned soooo you know.
Mon 30/09/02 at 09:59
Posts: 3,182
I dunno, an underwater adventure starring a wise seahorse....

No wait, that sounds a poncey. What about a pig with a flick-knive.... Game name: Pink'n'Hard.
Mon 30/09/02 at 09:56
Posts: 6,492
It's got to be a Goatboy.

Half boy, half goat, and it plays the drums, gets drunk and generally makes silly fanboys look silly.

Mon 30/09/02 at 09:51
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089

Not only are they powerful, regal creatures that can throw a grown-man over 20 ft into the air but you can dress them like old women and slap them about until they get angry
Mon 30/09/02 at 09:49
" ban the Taliban"
Posts: 1,298
I wonder what cat would taste like..... I suggest something like a piney wood taste probably.
Mon 30/09/02 at 01:18
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
Cats every time.
Mon 30/09/02 at 00:06
" ban the Taliban"
Posts: 1,298
Sun 29/09/02 at 21:10
"Far Beyond Metal"
Posts: 5,748
"Go Eat Shoe" then!

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