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"Mario kart DS"

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Thu 03/11/05 at 15:34
Posts: 25
Does anyone no the improvments of Mario kart DS
Mon 14/11/05 at 21:52
"I got a great Idea"
Posts: 236
i'm liking the video of some kind of presentation, which shows all the single player modes, tis making me excited >.<
Sun 13/11/05 at 14:57
Posts: 11,875
That looks amazing.
Sun 13/11/05 at 14:04
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
oh man I can't wait. I've owned every Mario Kart game so far, and this one looks set to revitalise my DS. Mmmmmm
Sun 13/11/05 at 13:11
"I got a great Idea"
Posts: 236
nice videos
Sat 12/11/05 at 23:08
Posts: 23,695

95% from IGN.

Oh hell yes.
Sat 12/11/05 at 22:02
"I got a great Idea"
Posts: 236
Sat 12/11/05 at 21:41
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
And the bullet acts like an auto-pilot for a while, and knocks everyone out the way as you go. Like Chain Chomp on DD.
Sat 12/11/05 at 21:18
"I got a great Idea"
Posts: 236
actually, as NGC said, the glooper would cover the top screen, meaning you have to use the bottom map screen to see where your going
Sat 12/11/05 at 17:35
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
Reading the new NOM (don't care what anyone thinks) they mentioned in their big reveiw that there were 2 new weapons a Bullett Bill that is shot straight forwards and bashes everything ir flies through until it hits a wall or something in front of them, and a Glooper that acts as the lightning does except it makes everyones screen (except the user) covered in ink for about 10 seconds causing mayhem to see where they are going.
Sat 12/11/05 at 16:15
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Strange ... me too.

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