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"Fed up of ~Resurection~?"

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Wed 04/09/02 at 16:43
Posts: 787
Here's some advice for everyone who's fed up of ~Resurection~ - I advise you follow all advice below:

1. Ignore ~Resurection~ - If he doesn't want to contribute to the site in a decent manner and is still intent with boring us with his crap, don't reply to him. Maybe reply to an earlier message by someone else. Just don't acknowledge him.

2. Report ~Resurection~ - If in some cases he has become insulting, don't reply in retaliation, just report his posts. After all, the amount of reports will be logged and checked by SR staff and that way action can be taken if SR feel it necessary.

Basically, don't acknowledge his presence - he's making it worse no one else but himself. After all, do you really want to stoop to his level and start doing the same thing back? He's just shown himself as to what he is.

If you don't give him any attention, then he wont feel the satisfaction, and if you report his more insulting posts, then he will likely be banned - being it his own fault in the first place.

It's up to you whether or not you take my advice, but believe me, it's better than acting like him in retalliation.
Fri 06/09/02 at 21:44
Posts: 6,228
shut up you little FREEK!
Fri 06/09/02 at 20:45
Posts: 0
GC,rocka wrote: his name why di d you write it are you stupid. malads wrote his name mathew britton cc
> hey gs master it's alex here
> im GC,ROCKA well da
Thu 05/09/02 at 17:44
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
By the way you know that ~resurrection guy that I told you about well your too late cause I helped get him banned.
Thu 05/09/02 at 17:44
Posts: 0
so it doesn't really matter if they know my first name
and i got on yesterday
Thu 05/09/02 at 17:43
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
Don't announce your real name to everyone GC rocka. I know that it's you when did you get on?
Thu 05/09/02 at 17:30
Posts: 0
hey gs master it's alex here
Thu 05/09/02 at 15:33
Posts: 6,228
Savatt78 wrote:
Its bloody annoying and as for calling
> Res stupid tribute - you've got a cheek with the stuff you write - try
> looking up the word hypocrite.

I have changed my ways! I was new back then. Now I only write decent posts!
Thu 05/09/02 at 13:06
"A man with a stick"
Posts: 5,883
Savatt, we are all in the same boat here. This forum certainly isn't cotton wooled against such fanboy posts that you get in the x-box forum, to my knowledge, Resurrection is the first fanboy to be banned because of what he’s posted in this forum.

And he wasn't banned because he posted one thread here with some meaningless rubbish, he was banned because he posted a comment in nearly every thread in this forum, not only insulting the console people own here, but also some of the users. He wasn't making a point, he was being pathetically childish, and he got what he deserved because of it.

Now, we are all users who just want to get on with talking about games, but the only way that can be achieved is if people ignore these sodding fanboy made posts and get on talking with more game/console related things. The only reason threads like resurrections stay at the top, is because users try in vain to change the mind of the original poster with argument after argument.

This never works, and if anything it gives the original poster more incentive to post more crap, which in turn gets more heated responses. Don't just blame the fan boys for these threads, you have a choice as well and you have to choose whether or not you want to continue arguing these pointless argument which go nowhere, or ignore them and get on with posting relevant topics.

And by 'you', I mean the general populace.
Thu 05/09/02 at 13:01
Posts: 9,494
He's boasting about all this in the XBox forum.
Thu 05/09/02 at 12:08
Posts: 15,681
It has - you're now protected from his biased crap in your forum whenever a Nintendo fan (not fanboy) expresses his or her opinion.

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