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"And the 'Best Game Ever Award' goes to..."

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Mon 08/07/02 at 20:38
Posts: 787
What's your most favourite game ever? Is it a new game that you love to bits or a classic that you just can't bare to part with.

Personally, I've always loved Secret of Mana on the SNES. I don't have the SNES any more, but I do have it on emulator.

So, what game deserves this prestigious award...?

Wed 10/07/02 at 10:01
Posts: 0
Some of the games mentioned here are fairly new. Have we really forgotten the old classics? Or am I just old? Does anyone else remember playing Duck Hunt, Megaman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Batman on the NES? How about Dizzy on the Spectrum or the really crappy-looking (in retrospect) games on the Atari or Lynx?

128-BIT machines you say? No, no, no. Just 8-BIT and less...
Wed 10/07/02 at 03:34
Posts: 0
Your Honour wrote:
> You've played Gravity Power on the Amiga? Excellent! I haven't seen a
> fellow player of that game for ages! What did you think of it?

I thought it was a really cool game. However, there were better games on the Amiga. I had over 500 games, but I sold my Amiga ages ago. Some of the other Amiga games I played and loved were Dizzy (of course), Battle Chess and this wierd Tennis game where you could play as characters from games like Mortal Kombat and movies like Freddy Krueger. You could also perform special moves to interrupt play, and you could argue with the umpire and WIN! Great idea for a game. Could do well on more powerful formats.

Wed 10/07/02 at 01:03
Posts: 14,117
ShadowDragon wrote:
> All of these are good games and I've played them all.

You've played Gravity Power on the Amiga? Excellent! I haven't seen a fellow player of that game for ages! What did you think of it?
Wed 10/07/02 at 00:54
Posts: 5,448
NiGHTS! on the Saturn- most original game of my time. More so than Jet Set or Rez.

All Sega games mind;)
Tue 09/07/02 at 23:47
Posts: 0
All of these are good games and I've played them all. But what do you think makes them so good, though?

The best thing I liked about Secret of Mana was the playability. You could spend weeks playing this game and not be bored. The storyline twists, changes and surprises you almost all the way through. The most interesting thing about the game is the magic. The way it grows the more you use it. Then , when it gets towards full level, it will evolve into an amazing, screen-freezing animation. I was very impressed by it and, because it will take you a while to get there, it adds to even more playability. I liked the game so much, that I bought the multi-tap so that me and my friends could play each character. Although, there was that never-ending question. Where were those two hidden weapon orbs? He he he...

I'd write a review for the game, but you can't but it anywhere any more unless you're lucky to see it in the local newspaper. I really love that game! So, why did you love your favourite game?

Tue 09/07/02 at 19:50
Posts: 19
I'm sorry to say but all of you are wrong because the sims on PC wins by a mile.
Tue 09/07/02 at 17:36
"Ghetto Fabulous"
Posts: 830
Need For Speed,all of them
Tue 09/07/02 at 17:22
Posts: 9,320
Im sorry - I thought it was YOUR most favourite game ever! I must have read it wrong
Tue 09/07/02 at 16:39
Posts: 15,443
SWOS, Best Game EVER?

I know it was a classic of its time, but it's definitely not the BEST game EVER. It has been surpassed quite a few times now. And yes, I di have an Amiga and SWOS for ages.
Tue 09/07/02 at 11:25
Posts: 9,320
I would have to say Sensible World of Soccer on the Amiga

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