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"Big Bowser"

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Thu 04/07/02 at 07:36
Posts: 787
Big Bowser. The only fly-on-a-wall documentary. This is a major exclusive for Channel N. These are the rules. Six people, five weeks, one winner. What will happen? It’s up to you!

Introducing the Housemates:

Mario - A plumber by trade, Mario lives with his brother in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

Peach - Ruler of Mushroom kingdom, Peach enjoys baking, gardening and getting kidnapped. A weird hobby I know.

Wario - His hobbies include eating constantly and collecting money. Wario also hoards treasure.

Conker - American. Squirrel. Enjoys drinking and swearing.

Toad - Official protector of Princess Peach, Toad is actually a walking, talking toadstall. Unusual.

Joanna - 23-year-old Joanna is a secret agent for futuristic espionage outfit, the Carrington Institute.

So there you have it. An introduction to the characters now lets go to the house.

Week 1

Friday 6.41pm
All housemates enter the Big Bowser house through pipes, expect Conker and Joanna, they walked through the front door. Everyone has the opportunity to explore the house. Conker heads straight to the fridge, hoping to find some special home brew, while Joanna stays silent but violent. Toads immediately seeks cover near Mario after Wario tried to eat him. It’s not looking too good.

Friday 8.17pm
The six housemates decide who will sleep where; Toad gets put with Conker and Wario. Is that a plan to get rid of early competition? Who knows?

Monday 11.36pm
The housemates are talking in the living room. Big Bowser has asked each member to tell an interesting story about themselves. Toad hasn’t got one. Conker goes last, and starts talking about his girlfriend who was shot and killed during a ‘holiday’ last year.

Tuesday 1.41pm
The housemates draw up their first proper shopping list of the week. Big Bowser has given them 200 coins to shop with. Mario wants pasta, while Wario demands cream cakes. Toad decides he’d like mushrooms and Joanna wants a ‘Slim-fast’ milkshake for lunch and a sensible dinner. Conker asks if they can spend the budget on beer.

Tuesday 5.58pm
The housemates are asked to nominate for eviction. Peach nominates Toad: ‘This is awfully difficult, but I nominate Toad because he’ll find more mushrooms on the outside.’ It total Conker gets two while Toad gets...4. Toad is going to go.

Wednesday 4.46pm
Big Bowser announces the results of the nominations. Conker reveals he wanted to go because they didn’t spend the money on beer, while Toad wonders off in the garden and gets lost in the long grass.

Friday 8.24pm
As Toad leaves the house, Wario mocks him by shouting ‘I’m the best,’ in a high pitch voice.

Week 2

Sunday 2.11am
Conker is snoring.

Sunday 2.59am
Conker is still snoring. Joanna wakes up and silently karate-chops him in the neck.

Still Sunday 3.11am
Joanna is still awake and goes to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. She starts talking to herself talking into a mirror. Peach goes down to the kitchen and sees Joanna talking to herself. She says she is talking to an invisible alien called Elvis. Maybe it’s a plan?

Tuesday 10.15pm
Mario is cooking pasta, while Peach is grating some cheese.

Tuesday 5.58pm
The housemates are asked by Big Bowser to nominate the housemates. After some thinking, Conker is up for eviction again, while Joanna is also up for the boot.

Thursday 12.03am
Conker has had too much to drink. He wets himself while the group are talking. He goes red.

Friday 8.24pm
The public votes Joanna out. Wario seems especially pleased after nominating her earlier on in the week, but Joanna says she will burn him when he comes out. He backs away, very slowly.

Week 3

Sunday 12.43pm
The week’s task sees the housemates having to complete a platforming competition where they all have to use their heads to bash blocks that are floating in the air. The reward is a special dinner. There seems to be some tension between Wario and Mario because the both are pretty good at the task.

Monday 1.11am
Mario’s persistent sleep talking walks Conker, who then puts cements his mouth together. Somehow the sleep talking continues. He looks over and sees Wario sleep talking. By now, the cement has dry and Mario cannot speak at all. Will Wario go for that nasty trick played on Conker?

Tuesday 12.09pm
After chiselling at Mario’s mouth, he can talk again, so the challenge gets under way. After Wario’s attempt to tamper with Mario’s blocks, he is disqualified. Mario has won the dinner.

Tuesday 4.13pm
The housemates are asked to nominate two people for eviction. Conker again goes up for the vote and so does Peach.

Friday 3.33pm
Conker is voted by the public to go. Before he goes, he takes Mario’s hat while he is in the shower along with the beer from the fridge. Mario is distraught. He starts crying.

Week 4

Saturday 11.22am
This week’s task involves decorating a cake. Smarties, icing and cream are delivered to the Big Bowser house. Peach has made an excellent design, while Mario’s and Wario’s is rubbish. Wario starts crying while stamping up and down on his hat.

Tuesday 4.07pm
Nothing much has happened, so they are asked to vote for the last time before there are only two left. The last two votes off Peach. She is very sad. Wario jumps up and down with joy, but then gets stung by a bee and inflates to the size of a hot air balloon.

Wednesday 10.10pm
Because Peach is nice, see bakes a cake for Mario to eat while see has gone. It has a big cap on the top of it. Mario is really pleased and puts it in the fridge. While he is not looking, Wario goes and turns the ‘M’ upside down so that it is a ‘W’ He then shouts ‘I’m gonna win...’

Week 5

Saturday 3.01pm
Big Bowser invites Mario into the Diary room. He says to the camera that he hates Wario and is planning to hit him over the head with a stick. Wario overhears and plans to get revenge. Mario walks out the diary room and falls down a massive hole.

Wednesday 5.32pm
He finally climbs out of the very deep hole and looks for Wario. He is in the kitchen making some tea for himself. He turns around for a minute and in that time; Mario pours a whole bottle of laxative into his tea. Wario turns around again without realising and drinks it in one go. Wario’s face turns red and realises he needs to go to the bathroom badly - only to find Mario is in there. A very clever plan by Mario.

Friday 4.21pm
Eviction day finally y comes and they are both battered and bruised by earlier events that week. It is up to the members of Special Reserve to decide which won should win....
Fri 05/07/02 at 20:40
Posts: 12,243
Wow, cant believe he said that.

Ah well, good good.

*walks off content*
Fri 05/07/02 at 20:39
"previously phuzzy."
Posts: 3,487
Good good, no more fighting!

Ah, those peer mediation classes paid off!
Fri 05/07/02 at 20:37
Posts: 5,630
I've forgotten it already - throwing insults around makes you look childish.
Fri 05/07/02 at 20:32
Posts: 12,243

BUT, I cant be bothered with him because of the simple fact - he is a ponce and cant take anything thrown at him.

So like ive said many times before but never got round to doing it, im just gonna leave him to be the gimp that he is all on his own and then maybe other people will see the childish person that he is.

Fri 05/07/02 at 20:21
"previously phuzzy."
Posts: 3,487
Herc, RM18 - You two obviously have something to sort out and are using this thread to fight it out. Well don't. This is not a forum for people to argue about random matters, and it's really a waste of everyone's time. It sounds like rather than arguing over the net you should argue with each other fac to face at least, because this thread is just an *excuse*. Believe me, arguing, I mean, talking (coughs) will be a lot better and a lot more fun (heh) than arguing by text.

Oh, and good on ya Quinty

Oh OH, and Henman lost!
Fri 05/07/02 at 20:16
Posts: 3,082
*Walks into thread*

Bleh i wish i'd stayed in Portugal

*walks out again*
Fri 05/07/02 at 19:49
Posts: 12,243
Right, whatever you say......

Dont let your ego get the better of you..... thats all.
Fri 05/07/02 at 19:47
Posts: 16,548
There goes Herc's respect, can you see it falling?

Mexcellent, you've proved yourself to be a immature git. Now run along.
Fri 05/07/02 at 19:42
Posts: 12,243
And seeing as though you havent replied yet, it just proves that you *are* infact an idiot.

See, I can do that too.


Fri 05/07/02 at 19:40
Posts: 12,243
RM18 wrote:
> The fact that you haven't replied answers my question.


Seeing as though ive only just got back home from school I can only just get on the internet and reply you goof. Also, SR has been playing up lately.

And theres more people who say this sorta stuff about you but just dont say it to you on here.

The same goes for you and only targeting me when you want to argue. I say something in this thread and then you are on me straight away mouthing off and everything. I dont see you moaning at all the other people who said things in here. So shut it you tart.

Meka Dragons and Goaty's stuff is funny, they make me laugh, therefore if they write more of the things, it makes me laugh more and so im not bothered.
However, the only thing of yours that ive liked was that Metal Gear Sainsbury's spoof.
All your other stuff is all the same, you think of a game or whatever and write about how you did something like went to another universe or went crazy or whatever, as someone else has said to me...... and I agree with it. Basically, your posts are boring me.

Then, to top all that off you go and ask everyone in the forum that you know to read the post and everything.

You make me sick. Ive had enough of you, just stay away from me now. This is the last you will hear of me talking to you as you are just a waste of my time. Stop being such a stuck up git and get a life you childish fool.

And by the way - you are an idiot.

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