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"0845 123 2035 Dial up connection to upload websites still down"

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Wed 08/08/18 at 00:14
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Hi there,

Any updates on when the 0845 123 2035 dial up connection to upload websites will be fixed?


Wed 13/03/19 at 18:21
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Yep, sorry DL! We were holding-out hope for a solution to get dial-up restored for some time; we didn't want to pull the plug on the service prematurely. I understand that it must have been a frustrating wait for meaningful updates to the Networ Status messages. Hopefully not a situation we'll ever have to repeat.
Tue 05/03/19 at 19:49
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A solution ... but a long time in being announced ... that's not Freeola!!!!
Fri 22/02/19 at 12:29
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Apologies for the continuing problems with the dial-up service.

We'll be placing a statement on the Network Status page very shortly, but we've been unable to restore access to the dial-up service and - due to the age of the technology - the Freeola Dial-Up service is being retired and will no longer be available.

Obviously it's never been our intention to block anyone from accessing their data on the server and we are working on alternative web-hosting solutions specifically for existing dial-up customers which will be announced in the coming days. In the meantime, please contact our Customer Support Team (on 01376 55 60 60, or via Live Chat) and they will be able to get you immediate access to any affected webspaces or email accounts, as a temporary measure.
Thu 21/02/19 at 23:37
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Surely this issue which has been going on for months now is a breach of service with customers now unable to access their data on your servers?

I understand it is a technical issue you are experiencing at your end.

I noticed now the connection does not even connect at all now.

No dial up connection as it attempts to connect - just a dead tone on both numbers.

The only possible solution being upgrading to VIP Hosting which was not originally signed up for.

You are actually holding your original customers websites hostage with no solution except to upgrade at this time.

This is affecting businesses who use your services. It's been well over a week now since the latest downtime.

I really hope you find a solution soon.

Tue 19/02/19 at 09:57
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Sunday and today 19 Feb about 09:00 I could not ftp to your server, getting
either invalid password or Host not found, modem link held up though.

using the sr2252... pw I've used since 2014

I've apparently emailed , so my initial contact details are retained somewhere, also to post this
Mon 18/02/19 at 01:43
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Dial up still not working.

It went down on the 14th of February 2019.

Keep on getting message 'The server name or address could not be resolved'.

It is now 4 days later and it is still not connecting.

Tried both numbers over these days 0835 and and 0845.

The dial up connection is working but it is not connecting to the servers with the websites he has with you.

It is affecting every SR number and there are hundreds of them hosted with you so it is impossible to update the websites hosted with you using your services.

It's not looking good if you want to keep this customer using your services. I'm just reporting how the service status is for all his websites is at this time.
Tue 05/02/19 at 02:28
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Seems to be working again after 3 attempts to connect Monday 4th of February 2019 . These are not my websites btw. I'm uploading them for one of your customers who has hundreds of websites hosted with you on one account.

I'm with Virgin Media on a contract with a broadband speed of 200mb and do not have a BT line here so there is no possibility of me ever using Freeola broadband.

Dial up is the only way and if it does not work then it is impossible to update his websites using the dial up service you offer.

Fingers crossed it is fixed properly soon. As mentioned it does now appear to be working after 3 attempts at this time which at least gets a connection.
Sat 02/02/19 at 15:39
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Hi Dial up is not working at all now on both numbers now. Been trying for 2 days Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of February.

I could originally connect after 2 or 3 attempts however not at this time.
Wed 16/01/19 at 15:43
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Mackerboot wrote:
Dial up is still broke BTW. I can get a connection after attempting to re-connect after 3 - 4 times. Remember it cost approx 12p to connect using a UK landline so if it fails that's x3 or x4. So this could potentially be 48p just to attempt to connect using dial up.

Not good.

Sadly, we are experiencing intermittent faults and we should therefore advise you to plan for alternatives in the future. Meantime we think you will be able to get connected some of the time. Try 0845 123 2045 as well as 0845 123 2035. I will post here again if we manage any fundamental improvement but things are not looking great at the moment.
Sun 13/01/19 at 00:29
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Dial up is still broke BTW. I can get a connection after attempting to re-connect after 3 - 4 times. Remember it cost approx 12p to connect using a UK landline so if it fails that's x3 or x4. So this could potentially be 48p just to attempt to connect using dial up.

Not good.

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