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"The Decision"

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Fri 15/11/13 at 15:42
"Tip The Scales"
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Hi guys, I'm looking to you all for a little bit of a discussion to help me make up my mind on what I do. With the next generation of consoles coming to the battlefield, I have a decision to make.

Xbox One vs. Playstation 4? Is that the question? 'Fraid not, I've already made my likely choice in this, I've always preferred the Sony-exclusives side, a PS+ subscription that lasts another 10 months or so and a PS Vita dictate that the PS4 is the smart choice for that. That's not what I'm concerned about.

No, in fact, the question is this. Playstation 3 vs. Playstation 4?

As many of you may have gathered from the lack of review posts on my part and what little posts I've managed in the last few months, my PS3 is all but dead. Likely a GPU problem, it struggles with any game that requires any use of the sort of upper end power that the PS3 is capable of. Tomb Raider showed off the approximate line that the console allows - knocking the console off around 7 or 8 times before I managed to complete it. WWE '13 gives the dreaded blinking red light after merely minutes of play.

As it stands, I have a list of highly anticipated games that I just haven't been able to play thanks to the reduced capabilities of a dying consoles. Assassins Creed 3, Mass Effect 3 and Max Payne 3 sit almost unused on my shelf. The allure of GTA V, Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us, some of the supposed greatest games of this generation lie unpurchased and potentially never to be played due to inability rather than a lack of will.

I currently use my girlfriend's console - recently starting and 100%ing inFamous 2. It is but a temporary fix as she will want it back soon, likely to pick up Kingdom Hearts HD ReMIX or something of that ilk.

And thus, that leaves me here, at the crossroads of a generation.

Do I take the leap into the next generation, picking the PS4 up in the next few months, hoping to be satiated by the few games of interest scattered within the release window? Do I do this knowing that I will again miss out on gems of the previous generation, unlikely this time to see another surge of HD remakes , especially of HD games. Do I do this with the promise of what is to come, the beauty and technical marvels of improved engines and calculations.

Or do I stick? Do I attempt to traverse the backlog of this generation, to sift through all that I already have, spending enough to delay my foray into the next generation by at least a year, and possibly more? Do I take the opportunity to renew myself in the old, and bask in what is to come from the final days - the absolute best that the PS3 has to offer?

This I cannot decide - I am to miss out either way. Simultaneously win/win and lose/lose.

Let me know what you think, I need the help!
Mon 25/11/13 at 23:07
"Devil in disguise"
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And that's why 42% of marriages fail, they don't ask for a PS4 as a wedding present.
Mon 25/11/13 at 20:48
"I like turtles"
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Garin's back, this place rocks again, yay! :)

Thought you could only ask for boring stuff on wedding lists?, pretty sure that's the law. Talking of boring stuff my Mrs. is banging on about some new dining room table and chairs she's seen somewhere or other, don't get much more boring than that. Anyway I can't see what's wrong with the one we've already got, it appears to be fully functional. :S
Mon 25/11/13 at 18:50
"Feather edged ..."
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chasfh wrote:
Still think that, in general, though not in all cases, but in the majority, console gamers have been and are spoilt.

I'll agree with that Chas :)

@Garin ... nice to 'see' you again :)

You did mean 'wedding list' , didn't you? ;)
Mon 25/11/13 at 18:30
"Devil in disguise"
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Surprised nobody has suggested the obvious answer. Marry your girlfriend and get a PS3 for free! Set the wedding for around March and add a PS4 to your gift registry.
Mon 25/11/13 at 15:41
Staff Moderator
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The "spoilt" comment was not aimed at you, Pete, it was a general comment related to the sheer weight of idiotic, pointless drivel currently sloughing through the forums since the announcement of the next gen consoles.

"Can't trade my games in..." So what?
"Have to wait for downloads..." And?
"Kinect only recognises specific commands.." Err... it's not Skynet.
"Have to log in to play..." Not exactly the end of the world, is it?

Now, granted the spoilt babbling has influenced some changes in the final console release, but, as previously stated, I didn't see any changes as necessary. Still don't.

It is what it is, love it, hate it, it'll still sell (a million at least!).

And as for faulty units...

Out of a million washing machines, how many do you suppose are faulty or fail in early life?

Or Tv's?
pre-built computers, even?

Still think that, in general, though not in all cases, but in the majority, console gamers have been and are spoilt.
Mon 25/11/13 at 12:39
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
Yes the Xbox One has outsold the 360 at launch but the Xbox brand is considerably bigger now than it was back then. I recall only 2 of my mates having them when I first got mine, the market was still dominated by the PS2 at that time. I'm not reading too much into that.

Like I said the Kinect is alright for what it is, a bit of harmless fun to be enjoyed in small and infrequent doses, it really is nothing more. It is not something I wish to use on a regular basis. So what if it recognises a few more words than the original one, that's really not saying very much. Ever played golf on Kinect Sports using this feature?, asking for a 9 iron usually gets you a spade or a broom or something! Same goes for Dance Central, ask for a song and you'll get one, just probably not the one you requested. My Kinect sits happily next to my console unplugged for 11 1/2 months of the year. It's a bit like a caravan for a console, it's great to use now and then when you want a bit of fun with your family or friends. The thing is I wouldn't expect to buy a car with one permanently attached and then have to tow it around everywhere I went.

I certainly don't consider myself a 'fanboy' or a 'hater' or anything else like that. I may well buy an Xbox One at some point (a 300 Kinectless version at Titanfall launch would be tempting for sure) or I may go for a PS4 or I may even switch to PC gaming or I may not bother with any of them. I'm a very casual gamer and like many there is nothing out there right now which is making feel that I want to throw my 360 in the bin and get instead. Does that really class me as 'spoilt'?
Mon 25/11/13 at 10:37
Staff Moderator
Posts: 1,474

Outsold the 360 on launch day, by a considerable margin...

Not a flop, categorically, absolutely and without question....

Which console outsells which ultimately is nothing more than an aside, it's fanboy hoo-haa. The quantity sold already is a firm basis to build on. Job done.

If NVidia could sell a million of a new graphics card on release day, I'm sure they'd be over the moon, particularly at a cost of 430. I'm fairly positive that they also wouldn't be stressing over AMD selling 2 million of their own one, but rather concentrating on what lies ahead.

Makes me laugh. If Microsoft change things, it's an "embarrassing U-turn", anyone else and it's "listening to their customer base". Personally I call it "chickening out", but then you all know my opinion on the so-called "issues" with the original plans for Xbox one.

At least the reviews about all the "problems" with the new system are giving me a good laugh (as well as re-affirming my opinion that console gamers are simply spoilt;
Ohh, Kinect only recognises very specific commands, it's rubbish..."
...And you were expect what? A conversation about philosophy?).
Mon 25/11/13 at 09:59
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
chasfh wrote:
Hardly the "flop" that everyone seemed to be expecting though, is it?

Far too early to say Chas, before Microsoft's embarrassing U-turn over the game ownership locking thing it was looking like heading for being a total disaster. Now that's gone once the big games come I reckon more will consider it. The lack of backwards compatibility (although the PS4 also has) is an issue for some right now but that will subside as more people slowly shift to them. Titanfall does look amazing to be fair but that's also coming out on the 360/PC and most of the massive selling 'annual' franchises (FIFA, COD etc.) have been confirmed as having current gen/PC versions next year. The Kinect integration does seem to be putting a few off, I have the original Kinect and it's alright for a very occasional blast after a few beers but as a permanent integrated part of the machine...? So the new one is apparently more accurate and recognises more words...meh. I notice some tools paying 600 for these consoles on eBay at the moment while Gameplay are stating they have more due in a few days (with spares currently available for purchase) so not sure what that's all about? Checked the best selling games list on one well known site last night and there was only 1 next gen title in the top 30 (COD Ghosts for the PS4 at no. 26). Also I wonder how many of these 1m consoles have been bought as Christmas presents? Like I said it's far too early to say how well it's done or will do.
Mon 25/11/13 at 08:37
Staff Moderator
Posts: 1,474
Hardly the "flop" that everyone seemed to be expecting though, is it?
Sun 24/11/13 at 20:30
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chasfh wrote:
Over one million consoles on launch day. Seems okay to me...
Not that I ever doubted it...

Those numbers are maybe not as good as they seem. Taken from Gamespot

"the Xbox One garnered 1 million sales after launching across 13 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand.
The PlayStation 4 reached 1 million, but is currently only available in the US and Canada."

If the PS4 reaches even 2 million over those same countries, it's a bit of a kicking. And of course that doesn't mention Japan.

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