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"CUBE RULES!!!!!!!any one got a problem with that"

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Thu 17/10/02 at 19:46
Posts: 787
cube does rule,by far,it has better controller then the others, theps2 one is just annoying and the xbox one is to beg,weird buttons and shape and is just EVIL.XBOX hmmm... impressed with the hardware but RUBBISH games ,the odd one,two good games but lacks potential,PS2 where to start,RUBBISH GRAPHICS,RUBBISH STYLE games well where to start cube games here,

XBOX games here and

PS2 games here

im sorry to give you the awful truth,and if ps2 is so good,why bring out PS3,and we now have square,we now have square!!!
big ashame about rare,how dare they leave us,but i gues they go where the money is,MICROSOFT were sooooo desperate,are well they will come back once they realise theres no HOPE for xbox!!!!
Sun 20/10/02 at 14:17
Posts: 0
Or the Xbox owners never come into the FOG chat forum, or they aren't as interested in the war as we are.
Sun 20/10/02 at 14:08
"Jags is teh l33t"
Posts: 4,074
i ask who has xbox/gc/ps2 on mirc and it seems that ALOT of people have Gamecubes. Alot more than have Xboxs anyway.
Sun 20/10/02 at 13:57
Posts: 0
Not everyone knows it though, like Drunk Cow here.
Anyway I'll stop this madness of getting people to guess that I'm ^Anubis^.
Sun 20/10/02 at 12:52
Posts: 3,505
"The Eliminator" wrote:
> He was here tha day after I came back *cough cough*, I am still a
> regular in another file but you will never guess who though.

we have played this already ^anubis^.

opps i got it right. heh
Sun 20/10/02 at 12:37
Posts: 3,110

Xbox is the best of the lot, because I've had mine chipped and can play MameX (note the can, not DO). Plus, I can buy cheap import games from CEX (Sega Rally thingymajig - £30 new!) which aren't even out here yet.

GameCube is great.

PS2 is okay.

In terms of sales, PS2 is the best, in terms of technology, Xbox is the best, and in terms of class franchises GameCube has to be the best. Don't go on about Pro Evo and MGS or whatever, Mario, DK, Zelda, Starfox - they're all absolutely brilliant. Not to mention F Zero.

Even so, who really cares? Do fanboys really expect people with PS2s to immediately go out and trade it in for a GameCube, just because they shout "GameCoob is da best". No.

Sun 20/10/02 at 12:33
Posts: 23,695
I certainly have no problem with the GC.

But I do have a problem with you, Walsh - I think you might have a strong case of Fanboyitis.
Sun 20/10/02 at 12:27
Posts: 6,228
Drunk Cow wrote:
> "The Eliminator" wrote:
> He was here tha day after I came back *cough cough*, I am still a
> regular in another file but you will never guess who though.
> You are either Tribute or you have changed your personality to act
> like Tribute.

HEY! Why would I join twice? And was that an insult?
Sun 20/10/02 at 12:23
"For the horde!!!!"
Posts: 3,656
saying bad words about the PS2 will make you many enemies.
The PS2 is great and the PS3 won't be around for at least 4 or 5 years.
Sat 19/10/02 at 21:38
"Remember me?"
Posts: 6,124
The only reason I've got a Gamecube, and not a PS2 or X-Box, is because after playing all 3 consoles, I decided that I preferred the Gamecube... plus there were more games that appealed to me on the Gamecube; mostly Nintendo ones. Any other games I want(ed) - Turok and Spider-Man, for example - I could get on any format.
Sat 19/10/02 at 21:38
Posts: 0
Nope, tis not Tribite.

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