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Sat 02/11/02 at 14:11
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It's been the longest Extra Gameaday Prize in the history of the universe, but we've gone through all of the entries you sent us, and finally decided on a winner. Unfortunately, we didn't feel anyone submitted enough entries of a high enough standard to win a console, but we've decided on two winners, for two different reasons.

First up, Mystique wins for a few of her own flash games, including the brilliant Potato Head Tonty dress-up game, Console Wars, the funky memory card game and the moon lander game. Well done Mystique, you win a game of your choice up to the value of £50!

Our second winner is phi11ip, who posted a fine selection of flash games (admittedly not his own), most of which were a lot of fun to play. phi11ip, you win a game of your choice up to the value of £25, well done.

Thanks for all of your entries everyone, it was actually quite good fun judging the winner of this one! We'll keep you informed if we intend to start our own Flash Games site in the future, so thanks for taking part!


- Flash Game 1

- Siruis

- Karsten's Applet Page

- Bears Lair

- Phillip's Games

- Tank Attack

- Bubble

- Football

- Froggy

- DonkeyKong

- 9-Ball Pool

- Hack Attack

- Keno

- Simon

- Ant

PoSh KiD / Dr Zéus:
- Hit Jokes

- Wickedgoodgames

- Plastelina

- Brain Game

- Funs

- Tekzoned Games

- Silat

- Sess Games Page

- Redmonster

- Alien

- Roberto Baggio

- Natbuc's Game List

- Snowball

- Michael Jackson's Dropping Babies

- Worm

- Free G

- Spikything

- Circus X

- Kids Arcade

- Rocket Arcade

- 3D Pong

- Discus

- Rally

Tequila Sunset:
- Reddy Rush

- Matica

- Hallo How Art Thou's Gamepage

- Game Index

- Oingy Boingy

sam 41
- Skateboarding

- CyberiaPC

- BubblegumClub


- Game Room 2000

- To the Games

- Board?

- Virus

Mystique (Blame Geocities for lack of hyperlinks) - Console Wars - Moon Lander - Potato Head Tonty - Quiz - Memory Card game


Do I know anything about Flash Games? No!

So, bearing that in mind, here goes:

We MIGHT be setting up a Flash Games and/or Javascript Games site.

You can submit games which you have written yourself, or you can submit PUBLIC DOMAIN games i.e. those where we would not be infringing any copyright.

At minimum one person will win a full GAD worth £50 for the best Flash or Javascript Game submitted by the end of November.

At best several people will win full GADs and one will win any Console Hardware of their choice. i.e. an Xbox, PS2 or GameCube.

The competition might not close at the end of November. But that's when the first prizes will be considered.

Who's to blame for this folly? Well, lets just say that I enjoyed Dude Wars on Mystique's site.

Please add links to your games on this thread and I will ask one of our guys to list the links into the headings.

If you need a place to set up your games then I suggest that you register for Freeola's free hosting (plug). You can use a Freeola1000 domain or buy your own domain at Get Dotted.

Good Luck.

Sun 05/01/03 at 22:31
Posts: 18,775
Cheers dude.
Sun 05/01/03 at 12:02
Posts: 3,863
Well done Mystique! Some very good games there!
Sun 05/01/03 at 11:26
Posts: 0
I won though.

Beat Phil at dancegame.
Sun 05/01/03 at 11:26
Posts: 0
Can I just ask you Myst, did you create that Potato Head Tonty all by
yourself or did you just edit the pictures?
Sun 05/01/03 at 11:25
Posts: 0
*wonders why the game that involved killing the staff members with a
GAME spaceship didn't win*


Congrats Phi11ip and Myst.
Sun 05/01/03 at 11:24
Posts: 0
You can't take it can you?

I'm the best...

BC. I am the best.
Sat 04/01/03 at 16:39
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738
phi11ip wrote:
> You can't take it can you?
> I'm the best...

BC. I am the best.
Sat 04/01/03 at 16:36
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
You can't take it can you?

I'm the best...
Sat 04/01/03 at 13:47
"Rendering Women."
Posts: 566
phi11ip wrote:
> No, you can't submit a game and expect to win when other people beat
> you at it!
> Have you got onto stage 2 yet?
> Have you?
> No...

There is no stage two.
Sat 04/01/03 at 00:10
Posts: 5,029
*wonders why the game that involved killing the staff members with a GAME spaceship didn't win*


Congrats Phi11ip and Myst.

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