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"Playstation 2 sucks!!!!"

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Wed 06/11/02 at 15:36
Posts: 787
The life out of the opposition.
Fri 15/11/02 at 09:58
"Darkness, always"
Posts: 9,603
Do you knwo what I hate.

Do you know what I REALLY despise?

the phrase "an AAA game".

why can't you say something decent??

AAA game sounds retarded, and makes me think of a game that requires small batteries to run it.
Thu 14/11/02 at 22:33
Posts: 9,848
PS2 sucks the life out of it's opposition.

It is a leech on the game market. ;-D
Thu 14/11/02 at 22:28
Posts: 1,106
There are some better games on XBox and GC, but there are so many PS2 ports which look the same. Some ports also come out after the PS2 version, and still look no better. For those that can remember, it's a bit like VHS and Beta. The latter offers slightly better qualty, but came out after VHS. Beta films were also fewer in numbers and took longer to reach the market.
Thu 14/11/02 at 20:30
Posts: 0
i have owned a ps2 now since it came out in england about 2 years ago and when gamecube came out i wasnt sure whether to get it or not but after seeing my mates i got it. now dont get me wrong it is good but it does not even compare to ps2. the so called "great games" that have come out have been a lot less than great and now starfox adventures which i was looking forward too has been slated with bad reviews. in gc defence i hear the weak argument that when ps2 came out it did not have many aaa titles but this should not have been a problem as gc came out two years later and should have had sum time to make aaa games after seeing the weakness of ps2 launch.
Thu 14/11/02 at 19:01
"Look Ma, No Tagline"
Posts: 386
Oh no! Look what the PS2 has doen to 'Walmsley', hes fallen for the trap! He's been nothing-a-nized! Nothing and I repeat NOTHING can change his mind.

What can he do, to get he's life back?

Mate play the cube or xbox then you'll find out!
Thu 14/11/02 at 18:25
"waiting 4 Matrix 3"
Posts: 377
thats about 850 to 900 nothings,

Thu 14/11/02 at 18:04
Posts: 11,038
Whitestripes wrote:
> Walmsley wrote:
> ps2 is the best and nothing can change my mind
> nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing etc...
> Can you say the words "Ban. Me."?
> It would be much quicker.

i already reported it....
Thu 14/11/02 at 18:02
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
I was gonna quote it, but I'd just get called a spammer, but anyway, my eyes hurt..... :-(
Thu 14/11/02 at 18:01
Posts: 11,875
Walmsley wrote:
> ps2 is the best and nothing can change my mind
> nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing etc...

Can you say the words "Ban. Me."?

It would be much quicker.
Thu 14/11/02 at 18:00
Posts: 11,038
it looks like a toaster...

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