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"Perfect Dark?"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Perfect Dark'.
Sun 10/11/02 at 20:34
Posts: 787
Anybody got any info on the new Perfect Dark, release dates etc. and is it going to be exclusive to xbox because although Rare is now microsofts', it used to be part nintendo, and surely they started development a while ago??? Anyone care to set this looking at you silent85...enlighten me!!!
Mon 18/11/02 at 14:23
Posts: 0
who actually cares each console has its killer apps anyways.
Sat 16/11/02 at 21:55
Posts: 11,875
Silent85 wrote:
> the director????
> Different games have different directors as they dont have one person
> spewing ideas for a job. So I believe you are incorrect.

So thats why Shigeru directs all Mario and Zelda games is it? In fact, he directs many Nintendo games.

And David ('Dr' :D) Doak directed Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Timesplitters and Timesplitters 2.
Sat 16/11/02 at 19:44
Posts: 13,611
Oh I don't know. I think Metroid Prime could well be the best FPS ever. But hey, that's just my, IGN's and Gamespot's opinon...
Sat 16/11/02 at 12:52
Posts: 15,579
Heh, those fools at SR still have Perfect dark as a pre-order for GameCube.
Sat 16/11/02 at 12:13
Posts: 10,364
Maverick42 wrote:
> It was a lot more than three, and by the way, Metroid Prime will be
> the best first person shooter ever..

The best FPS on Gamecube, Not "ever".

Halo is the best on Xbox.
Metroid Prime will be good on the Gamecube.
Sat 16/11/02 at 00:00
Posts: 0
Maverick42 wrote:
> It was a lot more than three, and by the way, Metroid Prime will be
> the best first person shooter ever.. possibly second to Deus Ex.

Will be have you got it until then you wont know for yourself.
Fri 15/11/02 at 22:40
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
Not sure about a release date although I've heard it could be around Christmas 2003. Theres also a strong possibility it could include online play as the Stamper brothers said they were intending to give their main titles online capabilities and you don't get much more of a "main" title for Rare than Perfect Dark.
Fri 15/11/02 at 22:31
Posts: 18,185
Actually Strafex the most important men have left Rare as regarding Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Head Designer David Doak the genius behind it all is head of Free Radical, the level designer, the lead programmer and translater works at Free Radical as well as a small programmer. 2 other programmers work at Retro Studio's and the person who scripted Goldeneye and Perfect Dark went to Retro and then Super Happy Fun Fun.

You have the guy in charge of scoring the music and a few programmers, the head team have gone.
Fri 15/11/02 at 21:22
Posts: 13,611
It was a lot more than three, and by the way, Metroid Prime will be the best first person shooter ever.. possibly second to Deus Ex.
Fri 15/11/02 at 18:47
Posts: 12
Only three people left from Rare to join Free Radical. The Stamper brothers are still at Rare for a year or two more and they were the ones who started the company, and there the ones who make the majority of decisions. In my view timesplitters 2 is not as good as Perfect Dark, that was the best multi-player game i've played and the second best single player game. Perfect Dark Zero, or whatever it is going to be called, i know it was planned on Gamecube as PDZ, will be the definitive fps if they include access to XBL.
I only have and Xbox and i don't plan to get a Gamecube or PS2, but i have to admit that if there was any reason for me to get a Gamecube then Perfect Dark would have been it. Don't underestimate this game, and people who say it will be rubbish are most likely Gamecube fanboys who a choked up after loosing the prequel/sequel to the highest rated FPS, second highest rated game on IGN.

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