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"best xbox 360 games"

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Sat 10/11/07 at 11:28
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i think that the best xbox 360 game would either have to be out of assasins creed, battlestations midway, or halo3. i would probably have to go for the battlestations midway because of the online play.
Tue 05/08/08 at 10:25
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there is a dead rising 2 coming out (about end of year)
Tue 05/08/08 at 10:24
Posts: 59
what race are you on oblibion
Wed 02/07/08 at 19:18
"Mooching around"
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The 360 will become irrelevant as soon as Final Fantasy Versus XIII is released.

Wed 02/07/08 at 19:09
"I like turtles"
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Call Of Duty 2 & 4
Gears Of War
Forza 2
Burnout Revenge
Wed 02/07/08 at 17:46
Staff Moderator
"Show Me Your Moves"
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For me Oblivion is definately the best game I have played, I also really enjoyed LotR: Batte for Middle-Earth II. Not sure why...
Wed 02/07/08 at 09:19
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-Call of Duty 4, GTA IV

Top Games
-Dead Rising - Awesome Awesome game, more so if you love the Zombie genre like myself. (Hopefully they'll announce a sequal at some point...)
-Gears of War - Another brilliant game, co-op mode was awesome and gave me my first real taste of Xbox Live.

Great Games
-Halo 3 - Felt more like saying goodbye to an old friend rather than looking to the future, but still fun.
-Mass Effect - WOW this really felt like a true cinematic game the locations were often stunning and the story was epic. BUT was let down by poor frame rate at times and I felt the side-quests were boring as sin.

Good Games
-Lost Odyssey - A fun game but not great, nothing really mind blowing about the game, though the memory sequences were the stand out aspect for me.
-Crackdown - A game that was good fun to play, but lacked (at least for me) any real replay value.

These are the games I own and as such do not include any that I have not played properly (e.g. Blue Dragon)
Mon 30/06/08 at 20:56
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Hey guys i think GTAIV is one of the coolest games of this year.
Mon 30/06/08 at 20:53
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Ya thank
Sat 09/02/08 at 23:02
"Soul Calibur RULES!"
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I've just got Mass Effect, after reading 4 reviews for the games all rated at around 95% I thought I'd give it a go.

If I wasn't cooking dinner and writing this message while I wait for mr cooker, Id be playing it. I only got it this morning and i'm hooked.

BioWare have done a great job with this game, i'm fully intergrated into the story line and I've just become the first Human Spector, Spector stands for Special Ops something!!! Can't quite remember.

Anyway so far its a contender for the best Xbox 360 game as well as Call Of Duty 4.
Sat 09/02/08 at 21:34
"king of the world"
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half life 2 the orange box is the best game ever

5 in 1 you cant beat that

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