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"What r u***** on?"

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Sun 03/03/02 at 17:42
Posts: 787
Well, excuuuuuse me, you losers, I'm sorry if I'm with a the tiny majority trying to do something with this clogged up forum.

I mean come on, "ooooh, look I saw an x-box today"
"Wow, what did it feel like"

Is this what you want to read??!!!

Or maybe topics like,
'go to this website'
'Please help me on GTA3'
'I'm stuck on state of emergency'
'how do you win gad, I've been here 2 years'
'I can't wait for metal gear solid'
'I was bullied'

maybe you like those kind of sad, depressing, repetitive topics but i for one don't.

Maybe it's cause you feel as if you're talking to someone but in actual fact you have no mates. Don't bother saying 'what are u doing then', well me and a couple of my mates are taking the rip out of u saddos right now.

Get a life.
Mon 04/03/02 at 02:17
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738
At the moment, I am on a chair, having not read the topic I will type this with no knowledge as to what its about....

Sun 03/03/02 at 19:28
Posts: 5,630
He says 'Get a Life'

I say get a dictionary, as you don't seem to know how to spell or make proper sentences!
Sun 03/03/02 at 18:32
Posts: 18,775

Sun 03/03/02 at 18:31
Posts: 18,775
Where is the 'stallio'?
Isn't he gonna teach any of us how to be cool like him?
I wish he'd come back and teach us.
Sun 03/03/02 at 18:29
"I dnt wnt a Tagline"
Posts: 104
What a loser
Sun 03/03/02 at 18:26
"I confused?"
Posts: 2,440
yes, he is that dipstick.
Sun 03/03/02 at 18:25
Posts: 3,082
deccalionstallion- are you the same idiot who tryed to start another worlds longest thread attempt??
Sun 03/03/02 at 18:15
Posts: 18,775
TomUK wrote:
> i now, im not stoooooopid

Some might say you're a genius
Sun 03/03/02 at 18:14
Posts: 5,029
smash wiv keebord!!!!!12312332
Sun 03/03/02 at 18:14
Posts: 18,775
'Stallion' phft my a**e.

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