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"Ninty Ninty Ninty!"

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Mon 18/02/02 at 15:02
Posts: 787
From SNES to X-box, games consoles whether you like it or not they will all have their days in the doghouse.
Some have had more days in the doghouse than others.
Nintendo have had quite a few, sometimes even having days on end in the doghouse.
They will probably have a few more when the Cube comes out sometime in spring/summer.
They have also had some very very good days, like when they lunched the spectacular Super Mario World64.

Nintendo themselves are very good at making games, but aren't they all just a little bit childish?
I suppose they are but let me explain why they always make kiddie games.

The Majority of people that own N64's are fairly young children right?
So what they've done is they've made games looking from a child's perspective.
'cos after all they do want to make games for the younger audience.
Hey at least they are making loadsa money from it, 'cos that's what all-major game developers aim to do.

While some of Nintendo's games may seem childish to the more mature audience they seem perfectly ok to the younger audience.
Even some adults find some of Nintendo's games ok.
Only games like Donkey Kong64 and Banjo Tooie seem to attract an older audience.

Because games like Donkey Kong64 have been made so as to be suitable for younger people yet still appeal to older people at the same time.
How they manage to do it I don't know, but it's certainly pulling in the punters.
They're obviously doing something right because millions of people young and old alike are buying all of Nintendo's own games. So Nintendo are a kids video game company, so what?
I like Nintendo, I like the games Nintendo have made that I have bought.

Whether Nintendo will keep to their childish games or not when their new Console comes out I don't know.
What I do know is that the GameCube will be a revolutionary console in every conceivable way.
Whilst the GameCube may not be as advanced as the GameCube it will certainly give Nintendo a morale boost if nothing else.
The GameCube features some of the latest in Gaming technology and it has the ability for some truly spectacular gaming.
No doubt there will be lots of childish games from Nintendo but there will most definitely be some classics that come out of this fantastic console.
Such as the very latest Zelda game featuring Links new makeover.
What a makeover for Link?

Personally I think Link looked Ok the way he was but apparently Shigsy didn't like the old Link in the new game so he decided to give him a new look.
What does he think he's playing at? Nobody can make the Link look better than the original. Nutter!
Still it's his character so he can do what he wants with it.
He could even give Link a sex change and put him in a bikini! Ugh! What a horrible thought. That would be an insult to Zelda fans world-wide.
Link's new cutsie look may be shigsy's undoing, but we will have to wait and see.
Still I think that the new Zelda game should go down well, afterall the Zelda series has been on of Nintendo's best achievements.

Zelda OOT is by far the best game for the N64 and it's arguably the best RPG in the world.
I loved the Zelda series.
Zelda DX was good on the Game Boy but this game just topped the cake.
A Goldeneye beater if ever there was one.
Personally I thought OOT was better than Goldeneye because of Zelda OOT's huge lifespan.
It took me about 3 weeks just to find the longshot that you get when you get Dampe in a race in his grave.
It was the finding the grave that was difficult but from then on it was mainly smooth sailing.
That's just what makes a good game a good game.
A good game like OOT needs plenty of puzzles to solve and even more baddies to cut to pieces than GTA3 has cars.
Zelda will be remembered by many as a Legendary game in it's own right.

You wouldn't believe that a kiddies company could make such a great game would you?
But they did.
I'm sure they will continue making there great kids games for years to come and keep a lot of youngsters and even adults very happy indeed.
They certainly kept me happy.

Did they do the same for you?
Well they should have done especially as they were the creators of the terrific F-Zero-X.
Which wasn't graphically impressive but the gameplay was just somthin' else.
Don't you agree?

Thanks for reading! :)
Fri 10/01/14 at 12:15
Posts: 3
Mon 09/07/12 at 15:39
Posts: 1
Love it!! This is a brill idea xx
Mon 09/07/12 at 14:42
Posts: 7
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Wed 20/02/02 at 17:59
"Hoo Har"
Posts: 1,281
AliBoy wrote:
> hey JaCee hows the basketball going?

Wed 20/02/02 at 10:55
"I hate that!!!"
Posts: 4,115
AfroJoe wrote:
> Doughnut Monster wrote:
> I choose WWF No Mercy for the N64 for my
> GAD.

Anybody played on it?


It is a classy game. I liked it a
> lot.

I've just found out that I can't choose it as a GAD.

Wed 20/02/02 at 10:53
Posts: 23,695
Doughnut Monster wrote:
> I choose WWF No Mercy for the N64 for my GAD.

Anybody played on it?


It is a classy game. I liked it a lot.
Wed 20/02/02 at 09:28
"I hate that!!!"
Posts: 4,115
I hope it is in stock.
Tue 19/02/02 at 15:31
"I confused?"
Posts: 2,440
No i don't like WWF games.
Tue 19/02/02 at 15:28
"I hate that!!!"
Posts: 4,115
I choose WWF No Mercy for the N64 for my GAD.

Anybody played on it?
Tue 19/02/02 at 14:58
"I hate that!!!"
Posts: 4,115
Small Frog wrote:
> Doughnut Monster wrote:

Oh. Okay. Here is a donut.

*Takes of Small Frog and crams it in gog*

Hmm that was the second doughnut me had in the space of 20 seconds.

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