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"Cyberhome DVD505 Multi-Region Player"

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Wed 18/12/02 at 18:43
Posts: 787
Can't be arsed to write a review, and I'm not particularly moved to complain either, but I thought I'd note a few corrections on Special Reserve's description of this player for any future prospective buyers...

1) DVD player does not display JPEG images, despite the review (by Darkus) stating otherwise. This feature is not documented on the product's box, nor is it within the manual, and being technically minded I can safely say that after numerous tests with CDs containing JPEG images - it does not display them, the player assumes the disc is an MP3 CD, but does not scan it for files as it would with actual MP3 discs.

2) You cannot set the player to region 0, as stated in the review, so it is not a case of "enter the code provided once and the player is region free - permanently!". What you actually have to do is manually change the player's region setting each time you wish to watch a disc that isn't region 2, then return it to region 2 when you wish to watch UK DVDs - so another erroneous comment.

You can also take it as red, that with this being the 505 model, and the 402 being a few models down from this and £10 cheaper - it won't display JPEGs or allow a region 0 setting either. So the write ups for both products need extensive altering.

Other than that, it does exactly what it says on the tin; Dolby 5.1 & DTS decoding, perfect picture quality & zoom function, variable speed slow-mo etc. etc. Well worth the cash, just don't expect the aforementioned features to be present.
Fri 20/12/02 at 16:52
Posts: 890
Trust me, i will. :)
Fri 20/12/02 at 12:14
"Stupid Newbie :D"
Posts: 550
Yeah Dark, they'd pasted your entire 402 review, and added the sole line at the bottom:

"The Cyberhome 505 player has all the features of the 402, with the added benefit of a Dolby 5.1 decoder"

...or some such lark.

Know what you ought to do? Slap them.
Thu 19/12/02 at 12:14
Posts: 890
Thats the Cyberhome 402 review...
Thu 19/12/02 at 12:02
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Yes, I said alugh.
Thu 19/12/02 at 12:01
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Pointless Babble quoting the entire review made me alugh.
Thu 19/12/02 at 11:58
"Eric The Half A Bee"
Posts: 5,347
Pointless Babble wrote:
> as chronology has it

That made me laugh :)
Thu 19/12/02 at 11:54
"I hate that!!!"
Posts: 4,115
Thu 19/12/02 at 11:38
"Stupid Newbie :D"
Posts: 550
"You" being?

Darkus, mate. This review was present on both Cyberhome models that SR stocks:

Special Reserve Reviewer: Darkus :: 4/10/2002

Review this product and you could win the game of your choice!

What a bargain! This is the quality DVD Player that can do everything, and it's at an incredible price. Apart from looking cool, here's what else the Cyber Home can do...
1. Play DVDs from anywhere around the world
The Cyber Home DVD player will play all region DVDs! Just enter a simple code once to set the player to region 0, and it will accept any DVD you choose to play. Unlike most players a code does not have to be entered every time you insert a different region disc.

2. Play MP3 CDs
So you want to listen to all your freshly downloaded MP3s in the lounge? Burn them onto CD and whack it in the Cyber Home! It can be connected to any home audio system with an AUX input, so you can listen to over 9 hours of music from just one CD.

3. Play Audio CDs
Got a Hi-Fi Separates system? You can now ditch your CD player and use the Cyber Home instead. It has full CD Player features that can be controlled by the included remote and probably looks much cooler than you old CD player anyway...

4. Play V-CDs (CD-R and CD-RW)
With it now being so easy to convert your 'favourite movie clips' to V-CD format on your PC and write them to CD, this is a great feature. I have downloaded some of my favourite music videos off of the web and it's great watching them back on a big screen TV.

5. View Jpeg Image Files!
An amazing feature for a DVD player! What with more and more people getting their holiday snaps put on to CD now, Imagine viewing them back on your TV! The Cyber Home has a built in Jpeg Slideshow viewer, so no more having to look at them on your little 17" PC Monitor!

And that's not all. This little beast also has built in Dolby Digital and DTS Decoders built in, so it sounds as good as it looks too. Imagine kicking back after work, switching on your Dolby surround Speakers and slipping in your Star Wars DVD... bliss. The back of the machine has all the connectivity you could possibly dream of including RGB Scart, S-Video, Composite Video, 5 Channel Decoder DTS and Dolby Digital with optical and coaxial outputs.

As for the normal features, it has all of them too, including: Fast forward and reverse, Slow motion both backwards and forward, Single frame step play, repeat play, on screen menus, subtitles, multi-level picture zoom & pan and much more. Basically if there is DVD function you especially want with your new player, the chances are the Cyber Home has it. Supplied with the machine is a nice chunky Scart lead, a composite video lead, the full function remote and batteries for it, so you can be up and running straight away.
Thu 19/12/02 at 11:34
"I hate that!!!"
Posts: 4,115
You nicked that name from one of my forum names, didn;t you?
Thu 19/12/02 at 11:33
"Stupid Newbie :D"
Posts: 550
Funny - had your username on the product spec', right next to a little "review by Darkus". Methinks there have been more than a couple of stuff ups on SR's part by the looks of things. ;)

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