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"Vote the best car in GTA3."

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Fri 08/02/02 at 21:26
Posts: 787
Put your favourite car in GTA3 below so people can see the most popular.! Mine's the Infernus. Yes by the way there is no point in this post.
Sun 10/02/02 at 11:00
Posts: 588
i think the YAKUZA Stinger is the best car.
Sun 10/02/02 at 09:33
Posts: 5,323
Can anyone remind me what the infernus looks like,
My favourite car has to be the Red Taxi or the Patriot!
Sun 10/02/02 at 09:31
Posts: 5,323
*[SR]* Shaneo wrote:
> CAGIVA wrote:
> Hey guys an' gals, you gotta help me, I've completed the
> game and am now doing
> the import/export garages and I need the BF
> Injection but the thing is I played
> about in it before and now I've lost
> it, it's not in the car park where it was.
> I can't complete the game
> now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am not going to start a lecture but.....
About a month ago we were saying this about you, so lay off him or you'll have the SR servers to answer to!
Sat 09/02/02 at 18:09
Posts: 23,218
ah the cheetah that was the car i was thinking of
Sat 09/02/02 at 17:39
Posts: 9,320
I prefer the mafia vehicles!!
Sat 09/02/02 at 17:18
Posts: 3,348
Sometimes when there are FBI cars in a road block there are no actual people there as well. So just get out and grab one of the cars! I like the cheetah best and the open top stinger
Sat 09/02/02 at 16:19
Posts: 23,218
Pro Evo wrote:
> FBI car! i can never get hold of one, they flamin kill me before i can get
> anywhere near!

put all the cheats on and then when the FBI people get out their cars put the wanted level cheat in and they just walk away
Sat 09/02/02 at 16:15
"facepartyid prodigy"
Posts: 623
The FBI car is certainly one of the best, but i have foudn that the police car takes more damage and keeps at high speed even when crippled! The FBI car doesn't do that!

Otherwise the tank is cool, if slow. But i like the bus, it pushes anything out of the way.
Sat 09/02/02 at 16:13
"360: swfcman"
Posts: 6,953
FBI car! i can never get hold of one, they flamin kill me before i can get anywhere near!
Sat 09/02/02 at 16:11
Posts: 23,218
yeh the police car is good, but it aint as good as an FBI car

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