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Sat 18/08/07 at 00:47
Staff Moderator
"Must lose weight"
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Well the new design seems OK, though the avatars are a bit repetitive and they do create a lot of blank space in the listings.

Do the avatars deter new users?

Work is progressing on the chat forum system to enable you (Freeola customers) to have ready made forums on your web sites.

Freeola Bingo is much improved now that it runs constantly. Originally suggested on the forums, Freeola Bingo was intended to give the forums a boost. By the way, it's not intended to be a permanent fixture and Google won't allow us to advertise it, even though it's free.

The site gets thousands of visitors and hundreds of new sign-ups per day, but this is hardly evident on the forums.

It does not seem worthwhile to me, to have eight different forums generating small numbers of posts. Maybe there should only be one.

As the rest of Gameaday is games orientated wouldn't it be better to have one focal point and declare this a games forum. After all you can still chat and post intelligent threads or stories, or talk about wrestling, regardless of what the forums are actually called. Back to our roots perhaps.

Or have chat forums "had their day"?
Thu 23/08/07 at 03:27
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No tongues on first kiss please
Thu 23/08/07 at 02:38
"You've upset me"
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Grix Thraves wrote:
> (Sorry, massive pet hate of mine)

Me too Daz!

Let's make out
Thu 23/08/07 at 01:52
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'Controversial' there Chr1s
Thu 23/08/07 at 01:44
"The definitive tag"
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Not far enough I say.
Thu 23/08/07 at 01:43
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Azulmehul wrote:
> tnc wrote:
> .. Too far
Thu 23/08/07 at 01:30
"Mooching around"
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Grix Thraves wrote:
> (Sorry, massive pet hate of mine)

Damn i before e rule fails again! ;)
Thu 23/08/07 at 01:29
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tnc wrote:
> .. Too far
Thu 23/08/07 at 01:27
Posts: 23,216
(Sorry, massive pet hate of mine)
Thu 23/08/07 at 01:26
Posts: 23,216
Variety is the spice of life

Make things a bit dreary

Thu 23/08/07 at 01:25
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
See I like tnc, he's normal, I always know where I stand with him.

You guys... Not so much, no.

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