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"YAY! 16"

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Mon 14/01/02 at 23:13
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In about 45 minutes I guess...

So my birthday tommorrow, feel free to say how great I am because its so hard to errr life for a year and stuff.
Wed 16/01/02 at 23:21
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First time I have seen this topic, but I would also like to point out that it was my birthday yesterday. Fans! Anyway, Happy Birthday for yesterday SHEEPY.

Wed 16/01/02 at 17:23
"Conversation Killer"
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Does any of the staff users work at bristol
Wed 16/01/02 at 17:21
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Mr.Snuggly wrote:
> [email protected] wrote:
> Ok, so I'm late, but Happy Birthday anyway
> Sheepy

Get back to work.

Oh, hang on....

Nerdy side-kick at your service...
I've detected an LOL red alert in the FOG chat sector - set phasers to pun!
Wed 16/01/02 at 16:55
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*wonders why lots of people replied*

Thanks anyway :)

Birthdays are stupid :D
Wed 16/01/02 at 16:31
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[email protected] wrote:
> Ok, so I'm late, but Happy Birthday anyway Sheepy

Get back to work.

Oh, hang on....
Wed 16/01/02 at 16:24
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Ok, so I'm late, but Happy Birthday anyway Sheepy
Wed 16/01/02 at 15:15
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You pre-ordered a GC, Sniper?

Should be out for your birthday.
Wed 16/01/02 at 15:13
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Happy birthday!!! - old enough for some things, but not old enough for others.
Tue 15/01/02 at 22:36
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I'll be 17 in march wot can i do :-D
Tue 15/01/02 at 22:33
Posts: 10,437
> GasMask wrote:
> Oohh 16.

Whats changed.. Hmm. Motorbike riding. Fags,
> and lottery. wooptee!

Are you trying to diss the lottery? :-D :-D

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