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"WWF Forum Wrestling PPV-Everyone Interested Must Read"

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Sat 12/01/02 at 14:21
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Okay, the PPV is beginning to take shape. We want a stupid, funny name for the PPV, and since IB came up with the idea I'll ask him what he wants to call it.

Secondly, we know that every title will be on the line (apart from KOTR if Taker is put in another match), including the 2 CAW Titles-Tag and Heavyweight. Hopefully, we'll have everyone writing one match and it should take up a whole week of WWF Forum Wrestling.


Okay, on the subject of the main event does a fatal 4-way sound okay to everyone? I thought HIAC at first, but I think a Ladder match and probably some hardcore stuff will be enough. Also, a fatal 4-way means you really have no idea who is going to win. Currently, the champion is Kane (Starlight), and even if he does lose his title in the next couple of weeks (which I doubt, as I'm not even sure he'll be putting it on the line) he will be in this match. So next week, 3 1-on-1 matches will take place, and the winner of each of those matches will go through to the fatal 4-way. One of these is also a grudge match, between former champ Benoit (Grandprix) and Undertaker (Jetster)

One match has already been assigned...sort of. Starlight will be writing the first ever Ladder match, and it will either be for the WWF Forum Tag Team Titles or the no.1 contenders for the tag team titles.. If the no.1 contenders the Dudleys (RBS and AJ) beat champs Taker and Kane (Jet and BBS) then they shall face the Hardys at the PPV for the titles. However, if Taker and Kane successfully defend their titles, then the Dudleys and Hardys will go at it for the no.1 contedership at the PPV. So:

WWF Forum Tag Team Title/No.1 Contenders LADDER Match:
The Dudley Boyz (RBS and AfroJoe) vs The Hardy Boys (Grandprix and Ice Blaster)
Written by Starlight

Next week will be the last title matches before the PPV. The week after that will be spent with matches to hype up the event, so I'm hoping we can have the PPV in around 2 weeks time.

Here are the champions that will NOT have their titles on the line next week:
Val Venis (Cong Man)-IC Champ
Edge (Jetster)-Euro Champ
K-Kwik (Ice Blaster)-LH Champ
Kane (Starlight)-WWF Forum Champ

Apart from Kane, I would like it if you guys could make your own matches. You will have to put your title on the line, and you can have any match of your choice with any participants of your choice (only people in your division though), and don't have any really mad stipulations. Also, if you make your match last then try and use people who aren't in many other matches. Enter your match into this topic.

After next week I'll sort out with the other champs the other title matches.

Right, sorry if that's too complicated for you all but if I've asked you to do something, either signing up to write a match or if you're a champ and you need to make a title match, please do it as soon as possible. Please.

Thanks for reading, Ant.
Sun 20/01/02 at 14:18
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Read the Royal Rumble topic! This isn't about Royal Rumble, this is about Burnout! Burnout is gunna be Electrifing!
Sat 19/01/02 at 21:08
"©opy Right™"
Posts: 401
when is the royale rumble going to be on wat time and what channel
Fri 18/01/02 at 19:43
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
[email protected]@$#/T-DEVIL wrote:
> Yeah yeah, anything to get out of school! Is our match gunna be a street fight?
> Hope so! Whan is our match? Will your mouth be better for our match? It better
> be, 'cos I'm gunna whip your a$# all over the SR Arena! Electrify!

Hehe, I'll be up for the street fight. That'll be in next week's Update too.

In fact, next week has about 3 grudge matches already.
Fri 18/01/02 at 16:59
Posts: 11,597
Yeah yeah, anything to get out of school! Is our match gunna be a street fight? Hope so! Whan is our match? Will your mouth be better for our match? It better be, 'cos I'm gunna whip your a$# all over the SR Arena! Electrify!
Fri 18/01/02 at 15:37
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
[email protected]@$#/T-DEVIL wrote:
> When am I gunna get my first match to write? Come on Ant. I'm on at school!
> Going soon!

Check the Update on Sunday. Your match will be in there.

I didn't go to school today. Mouth infection.
Fri 18/01/02 at 10:35
Posts: 11,597
When am I gunna get my first match to write? Come on Ant. I'm on at school! Going soon!
Thu 17/01/02 at 22:56
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
POP for Starlight. {:)
Wed 16/01/02 at 21:46
Posts: 9,808
Ant wrote:
> Change of writer:

Cong Man will not write the CAW Crazy Match, and Crash will
> write the KOTR No.1 Contenders Submission match.

Excellent...CAW, my speciality...*throws some ideas around in his own head*...
Wed 16/01/02 at 21:00
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One has mate. Grandprix recently won for a great Hardcore match-up ;-)
Wed 16/01/02 at 20:57
"Where's SR?"
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If one of theses matches doesn't win a GAD I'll eat my keyboard (maybe not).

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