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"And the results are in..."

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Thu 19/07/07 at 23:24
Posts: 5,857
Basically, for those it applies to, who here has got results from their exams, coursework or whatever? And who here is still waiting for theirs?

I have quite a tale to tell, so I might as well to kick off this topic.

Around about March time, my mum was diagnosed with cancer and had the tumour removed in May. She's been recovering ever since and began radiotherapy about a week ago.

Now then, because she had the operation in May, it mean that she was (and still is) recovering afterwards, and that was before I had finished at college. This put immense pressure on me to keep everything running as smoothly as possible at home, because my brother and dad both carried on expecting everything to continue as normal. But as well as this, I had colege work to do.

The deadline to hand in my work was the 18th of June I think, and it was evident that I wasn't going to finish in time. So I worked my ass off, pretty much non-stop but eventually had to admit defeat and ask for an extension. New hand-in date: 2nd July.

Still working my ass off, practically non-stop, up until the last few minutes of the hand-in date, before the hand-in office closed, I managed to finish off, just about, rush it to the office and get it in on time. Phew!!

I knew that wasn't the end for me, because my mum is now having radiotherapy and still needs care at home, but it was a massive weight off my chest. But I still wasn't sleeping well. I was worrying about my work, worrying about finding a job because my mum is no longer earning, worrying about keeping everything running in the house and I was a wreck.

Then a letter arrived today with the college logo o the envelope. I picked it up, almost shaking, expecting the worst. Perhaps the extension hadn't gone through properly and they were going to tell me I'd failed because I'd handed it in two weeks late? Or maybe I had simply failed. I was expecting the worst anyway, and was really hoping i got a Pass.

So I opened the letter, and as expected, it was a letter concerning my results.


Woohoo! Now I can sleep easy, and I think I'll go to bed early tonight. It's been a busy day. But I'm not out of the woods yet. Mum's radiotherapy continues for another 6 weeks or so, so that's how long I'll be keeping things moving in the house.,

The distinction was for the unit right at the end, where i got the extension, the one I was workin my ass off at, working around my commitments at home.


So, anyone here willing to share your results? Are you still waiting?
Mon 23/07/07 at 15:58
Posts: 465
Ditto, unless there terribe :( which i think they are.
Sat 21/07/07 at 23:02
Posts: 5,848
On the 16th of August, I'll share my AS results
Fri 20/07/07 at 21:08
"Tornado Of Souls"
Posts: 5,680
Got mine about a month ago, along with a little card from my uni saying "congratulations on your results!". Hand written and everything. It was quite nice.
My results ranged from 39.5% (pass mark 40, woo) up to, er, 91 or something.
Overall they averaged such that if I get similar next year, I'll get a 2:1.
Fri 20/07/07 at 20:58
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
I get mine mid August.
Fri 20/07/07 at 11:50
"360: swfcman"
Posts: 6,953
I'm currently waiting on a GCSE Maths result, and I'm 22 years old!

I got a D when I was at school and its really the only blemish on my CV. So I took a year of night classes at the local college. Think the results are in August sometime. Hoping for a C or perhaps even a B!
Fri 20/07/07 at 11:35
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
last week i was told that i have been awarded a upper second class. A 2.1 which means my life is on track and i can apply for the IT jobs.
Fri 20/07/07 at 11:04
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Yep, well done Twain.

Long time since I remember getting my results; 18 years ago for GCSE (result: Apathy), 14 for College (result: Mildy Ecstatic) and 9 for Uni (result: Over the Moon).
Fri 20/07/07 at 10:49
Posts: 19,415
Well done Twain, congratulations with the results =)

I hope everything goes well with your mum.
Fri 20/07/07 at 10:46
Posts: 12,425
Well done on the results, hope your mum is back to full health again soon.

I'm waiting for my AS results now, August 16th I think. I think I did quite well in them. The only one I'm really worried about is the English exam: I thought it was a 2 hour exam so I paced it as such only to find out it was a 1 and a half leading me to rush a couple of questions. But I still think I managed to squeeze in the essentials, so fingers crossed...
Thu 19/07/07 at 23:48
Posts: 5,857
Everything seems to be coming along fine. It's just an awful lot of work, especially seeing as my dad and brother still try to carry on as normal. But that's what the hospitals always say until it's too late, so I'm going to keep trying to learn al lthe things my mum did for us until the treatment is over. Also, we have my bro's wedding in about 6 weeks too, so if anything goes wrong with the treatment, mum will miss it, which will be a huge shame.

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