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"Freeola Poker"

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Thu 12/07/07 at 07:01
Posts: 18,487
Well I did say Iíd do it :)

If you donít know how to play poker, youíve got til Monday to learn ;) but Iíve made things very simple and easy for the newbies. Best thing to do is just learn the hands here It should take about 10-15 minutes before its very clear.
As I wont be able to play : ( Iíll be quite happy to help explain the rules during the game via email or msn to anyone who needs them. While Iíve written a lot out here, its just to clear up how this differs from a normal game.

The Rules and various other bits

The game is Texas Holdem. Itís a 7 card game in which you are given 2 private cards and 5 community cards are dealt for everyone. You have to make the best 5 hand from these 7 cards.

We start on Monday (i may run a small game tomorrow to make sure everyone knows how it'll work)

Weíre limited to 20 players. Leave your name if youíre interested

There will be only one hand per day (certainly for the 1st stage) and we donít play on weekends

Your 2 cards will be dealt (emailed or msníed) to you sometime between midnight and midday. (Obviously I need a private way of getting you your cards)
Iíll be using my old email account for this so if youíre playing send an email to this address or add it to MSN. [email protected]

You will start with £50

There is a £1 automatic blind in the first week for everyone

The buy in for each stage is £3. Itíll cost you £3 to see the flop (The first 3 cards) and then £3 each for the turn and river cards. Basically if you play to the end of the hand itíll cost you £10

The flop will be dealt at midday

The turn card will be dealt at 4pm

The river will be dealt at 8pm

Aces are high and low

There will be no raising. I may consider a proper better stage later in the game

If youíre not around at the time to buy-in for the next card, Iíll allow a pre-buy-in where you can pay in advance. Obviously you wont be around to see the cards so itís a disadvantage but thatís your choice. Anyone who hasnít bought in for the next stage will be taken as having folded.

Stage 2 (Optional)

When weíre down to 10 players traditional betting rules apply, apart from no raising before the flop is dealt. The buy-in will remain but further buy-ins will be removed.
There will be 1 round of betting after the flop, 1 round of betting after the turn and 1 round of betting after the river.

No raising will be allowed on the second time around. If player 1 raises to £60, everyone calls and player 10 raises to £70, no further raising will be allowed after player 10. All players will be given the option to call or fold.

All-in bets that are raised will lead to a 2nd pot being created.

Be patient with me. This is not a simple thing to organise and itís going to take up my time.

Winner is at the dealers (me) discretion. As are other rules.

I reserve the right to up the blinds if I feel theyre too small, as is likely when we get down to only a few players.

The only point where hands can be shown is at the end. Any trading of information will lead to a permanent disqualification.

If youíre not dealt your cards in the morning itís because Iím not available to run the game on that day or cant find a replacement. I do have a life to lead sometimes but Iíll leave a message on the forum if thatís the case.

I may not use the second stage if I think things are too complicated. I quite like stage 1 in terms of simplicity.

Sat 14/07/07 at 14:05
Posts: 18,487
Sod it then! I've lost all interest in this now
Sat 14/07/07 at 10:18
"Copyright: FM Inc."
Posts: 10,338
(Oh sorry, I was playing my hand from November 2006).
Sat 14/07/07 at 10:17
"Copyright: FM Inc."
Posts: 10,338
£20 blind.
Sat 14/07/07 at 09:24
Posts: 18,487
Meh, it's been done, badly. I'm not really interested in using another site.
Sat 14/07/07 at 09:21
"Blood on my suit"
Posts: 1,387
Sure we might aswell try with an online majig.
Sat 14/07/07 at 00:56
Posts: 18,487
It was done like this because it's difficult to get everyone online at the same time, especially if i wanted a decent sized game. This isn't supposed to be fast paced.
Fri 13/07/07 at 16:33
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
Kawada wrote:
> I'd be in if it was done on a poker program or site but this just
> seems extremely long winded.

Yeah me too.
Taking over 8hours for one hand is a bit extreme - especially when there are plenty of free to play online poker games that work very well and can allow private games.

Just seems like an odd way to set up a game of poker.
Fri 13/07/07 at 13:24
Posts: 18,487
In what way?

You get your cards

You have til midday to call and see the flop

You have til 4pm to call and see the turn

You have til 8pm to call and see the river

The only way this is long-winded is that it'll go on for at least 3 weeks but then it's not something i'm planning on doing continuously or even often.
Fri 13/07/07 at 12:52
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
I'd be in if it was done on a poker program or site but this just seems extremely long winded.
Thu 12/07/07 at 23:56
Posts: 18,487
I've only got 2 addresses for this at the moment so it looks like the practice game tomorrow is off. We need 4 and i'm guessing Smeds isnt around at this time of night

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