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"Sonic Adventure 2"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Sonic Adventure 2'.
Mon 03/03/03 at 18:16
Posts: 787
has anyone got this game.I want to know what it is like cuz my mums thinkin of buyin it me.
I think it looks good as i like those type of games but what do u think.
Thu 13/03/03 at 17:47
Posts: 43
On SA,my Choa is level 99 on all^^
Thu 13/03/03 at 17:45
"Severly mind-warped"
Posts: 131
Sonic Adventure 2 was probably one of the best GC Launch games, by far. I thoroughly enjoyed it when I first bought it. In fact, before I bought RE last week I was on it for about month training up my Chao.
I think there's probably a couple of critisicms from me about it though. Firstly, the camera angles were even worse than SMS! They really did spoil the gameplay and caused me to get very annoyed, very often at them. Secondly, even though SA2 has many level and missions, some of them aren't nearly long enough. You can finish the 100 rings missions in under a minute, and complete some of the 1st missions to levels like City Escape in 2 or 3. However, the Chao! I spent hours and hours on those little guys training them up to be karate and race champs. I think that without the Chao I probably wouldn't have bought the game.
The soundtrack to SA2 is pretty damn good, some excellent songs on there worth listening to over and over again.
Overall I'd give it a big 8 out of 10 because I've spent months on it and still enjoy playing it. The only real problem I have with it is the camera angles but even with those being bad, it's still a damn good purchase
Fri 07/03/03 at 23:43
Posts: 15,681
A_Random_Monkey wrote:
> Has anyone got sonic mega collection?

Go to if you want to see my point of view on Mega Collection...
Fri 07/03/03 at 23:12
"French the Fries!"
Posts: 326
Has anyone got sonic mega collection?
Fri 07/03/03 at 15:39
Posts: 21,800
The thing that I liked about the first game was the choice of characters, if you got bored with one you could use the other. You didn't really have the choice with Sonic Adventure 2.
Fri 07/03/03 at 15:36
"Brownium Motion"
Posts: 4,100
The only decent thing about Sonic Adventure Battle on the GC were the chocobos.

I beat mine until he turned black and cried all day! heh heh!
Fri 07/03/03 at 15:34
Posts: 15,681
Sonic Adventure was just as linear as it's sequel, the only difference being you had to walk through Station Square to get to the next level. Even your 'exploring' through station square is severely limited!
Fri 07/03/03 at 15:22
Posts: 21,800
I much preffered the original Sonic Adventure game.

Sonic Adventure 2 I found far too linear. The Knuckles and Rouge levels where rubbish, the Tails and Eggman levels where pretty diar as well.

Only bit I enjoyed where the Sonic and Shadow levels. Thing is if the whole game was those kind of levels then you'd have it completed in a couple of hours.
Fri 07/03/03 at 15:10
Posts: 15,681
I'm not going to get into a heated debate, but Sonic Adventure (1) on the Dreamcast is slower and shorter than Sonic Adventure 2. Plus, Big the Cat's game is terribly tedious!

Not to say Sonic Adventure is a bad game, but Sonic Adventure 2 is a much better game.

Maybe the new DX version will change my mind...we shall have to wait and see...
Fri 07/03/03 at 14:50
Posts: 15,579
Surely gerrid was talking about Sonic Adventure(1) on the DC being better than any version of SA2.

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