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Sun 08/07/07 at 13:12
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If you had the power to ban one thing in this world. What would it be and why?

How would your ban effect the lives of people, would it cause a national uproar or will people more likely to accept it.

(See what others put, then you can see weather or not you would agree with there ban)
Mon 16/07/07 at 11:24
Posts: 213
100% sucess rate i think not!!!

We have been invaded and settled on by every major empire of the past 3000 years. We have lost to Romans, Vikings, Saxons, French, Dutch to name a few and in modern times I would hardly say we won in Afghanistan or iraq. In fact the only wars we seem to win are range wars like Argentina where we sit out of range of their weapons and smash the snot out of them..... oh and of course wars like the Bour war where we took our huge gun armed army to face a handful of stick throwing natives.
Mon 16/07/07 at 10:45
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I like the old usage of the word "ban", as in curse or hex: "The maiden was under the ban of a wicked hobgoblin".

So using it in the old sense, what could we ban..? - What about all aspects of human nature that are foolish/malevolent? Curse all that till it's dead and gone. Improve the world!
One problem: if we did that, wouldn't there only be five percent of human nature left? And would we want to live on a planet full of benevolent zombies? Hmmm.

What am I going on about!
Mon 16/07/07 at 09:17
"Copyright: FM Inc."
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Garin wrote:
> And as for england having a 100% war win rate, not even close.
> ;)

Tell me about it :) One of my distant ancestors was General Burgoyne (Saratoga) who, even though he was British, helped turn the Revolutionary War around in favour of America. On the plus side, his decision to surrender probably saved the lives of his 5,500 troops. And if Howe hadn't decided to run off and capture Philidelphia instead of providing support for Burgoyne, who knows how it could have ended up?

There was also that little skirmish against the French in 1066 that I think we lost.
Mon 16/07/07 at 02:29
"Devil in disguise"
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Conflict is part of human nature. If we didnt fight over religion, we'd fight over something else. Unsurprisingly we have, time and time again. And religious wars really make up a small fraction of the number of wars the human race has been involved in.

And as for england having a 100% war win rate, not even close. ;)
Mon 16/07/07 at 01:22
Posts: 5,659
Shooby wrote:
> Religion, argh. It's the product of an infected mind; minds are
> friendly environments to parasitic, self replicating ideas or
> information.
> If I told you there was a purple giraffe named Billy living in
> the sky sending rays of joy down upon us every day, surely(if
> you were a rational minded person) you'd ask for some proof? And
> if I gave you a one word answer as my proof(faith), you'd call me
> insane?
> Yes?
> Yes.

I firmly believe if there wasn't such a thing as Religion, there would have been nowhere near as many wars as their have been. This is the last time I acknowledge a book of facts, but wars have cost so many lives. One RE lesson put it into perspective for me, we saw Saving Private Ryan's opening scene, which has obviously been highly praised for it's levels of reality, and there were 20-30 people on this boat, all hoping to make a difference. As soon as the boat opens, bulletts fly, they're all dead immediately.

However, I do firmly believe christianity is a dying phenomenon in this country, I reckon that in my year there was maybe only 10-15 people religious out of about 280. In years to come, certainly in the western world, I think Religion will slowly die. For me, the Bible is nothing more than a brilliant ficitonal story.
Sat 14/07/07 at 16:00
"Copyright: FM Inc."
Posts: 10,338
Black Glove wrote:
> I mean, every flippin' work of fiction these
> days is a mindblowing masterpiece - not.

I noticed that too. Every book I read seems to have spent multiple weeks at the top of the 'bestseller list'. I guess what they don't tell you is that it was the bestseller list according to Bournemouth Airport.

On the subject of banning, my utopia would involve banning religion, but seeing as that isn't really possible I'll cop out and say that banning anything is probably the wrong way about solving a problem. Rather, discussion to reconcile the differences between people that want something banned and people that don't is probably a better way to approach the subject.
Sat 14/07/07 at 15:16
Posts: 3,522
I'd ban tv ads that link utterly unrelated concepts with an average product. You know the type: "Do-you-lick-the-lid-of-life?" utopian wonderlandism advertising Muller yogurts. It's a yogurt, a yogurt, not the underlying mindset of a peaceful and plentiful existence!

I'd also ban the "A-work-of-unparalleled-genius-by-a-mind as-sharp-as-an-invincible-razorblade!" comments on the covers of novels. I mean, every flippin' work of fiction these days is a mindblowing masterpiece - not.
Wed 11/07/07 at 20:33
"Why do peole b****"
Posts: 303
Bob_The_Moose wrote:
> 110% safer than they used to be? What if they were only 40% safe
> to start with?
then they stay there until there 110% better, it's either the childrens safety or the freaks pleasure!!!
Tue 10/07/07 at 16:28
Posts: 213
I would ban people from taking government positions if they have been appauling at everything they have ever done......Bush for example.

If you have managed to ruin the business's you have worked for, even ones run by your dads mates, then how you going to manage a country
Tue 10/07/07 at 12:05
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
Ban ignorance ;)

Or Bon Jovi...

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