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"I hate girls"

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Tue 11/03/03 at 16:32
Posts: 787
No I am not gay I just hate the whole damn species.

My girlfriend finished with me on the ground of, "my mate says you said nasty things to her and I dont want to me with someone like you!"

Althought yesterday she told me "You are everything to me, I can't live without you"

They all lie and enjoy hurting people and each and every one of them are b*tches to their rotten core. I then get phonecalls of my ex girlfriends mate who told her I said all this asking why I wasn't upset when she finished with me. Not only does she want me to be hurt but the face I didn't cry or beg her to take me back wasn't enough for her.

Anyway I don't want to be with someone who is going to beleive a mate over the own boyfriend and lie to him. Damn girls are evil!
Wed 12/03/03 at 17:05
"I am the god Chaos!"
Posts: 38
They should just lighten up and laugh at themselves
Wed 12/03/03 at 08:39
"Big Pimpin'"
Posts: 664
Kyz22 wrote:

> My girlfriend finished with me on the ground of, "my mate says
> you said nasty things to her and I dont want to me with someone like
> you!"

Girls...whos favourite line is "Your soooooo Immature" yet they will always take their "friends" word over yours because they "don't want to talk about it"

What nasty things did you say to her?

"s'cuse me love, you've got lipstick on your teeth"

"I hope you don't mind me saying but your skirt is tucked into your knickers"

"Erm, you've got some toilet roll stuck in your sock"

"Sorry I couldn't help but notice your eye shaddow has smudged onto your face"

I think girls should just lighten-up and have a blooming sense of humour and stop thinking they're still at school I.E. holding hands to go to the toilet etc
Tue 11/03/03 at 22:12
"I am the god Chaos!"
Posts: 38
not going to kick her but I've already beaten her boyfriend
Tue 11/03/03 at 22:10
"Must be Parkinson's"
Posts: 1,471
Tue 11/03/03 at 22:08
Posts: 10,759
Kick her.
Tue 11/03/03 at 22:05
"I am the god Chaos!"
Posts: 38
as I said I was an IDIOT (still am)
Tue 11/03/03 at 22:03
Posts: 665
Chaos the Dragon wrote:
> I got 'hurt' by my (now ex)girlfriend. She liked this other guy so she
> said 'I just want to see what it would be like if I went out with him
> but in about a month I'll come back to you.' & me, being the
> trusting idiot that I am said, 'Ok, but please come back quickly',
> that was 3 years ago and she is still with the other guy!!!!
> ~

You just "let" your girlfriend go off with some guy just to see what it was like???
Tue 11/03/03 at 21:55
"I am the god Chaos!"
Posts: 38
It all depends on how you spend that time...
Tue 11/03/03 at 21:55
Posts: 10,759

Waste of time.
Tue 11/03/03 at 21:54
"I am the god Chaos!"
Posts: 38
the lovely part sounds like my new girlfriend & the just plain horrible part sounds like my ex

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