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Fri 07/10/11 at 14:04
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"Freeola Ltd"
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So I doubt there are many of us who are not excited over this (not soon enough!!) release.

It screams quality, and the franchise is hardly without large amounts of diehard followers. It is undoubtedly going to be the game of the year at some point.

So what do we know so far? What are you excited about most? Have you planned your character yet? What platform are you going to get it on?

I think myself I will going for PS3. I don't like playing this sort of game on the PC as much as console, and it seems it is going to be one of the titles that may make use of the PS3's extra power.

We know it's not going to be online so that's not an issue.

Excited about most? Dragons. 'Nuff said.
Thu 02/08/12 at 10:10
"possibly impossible"
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Only possible on PC as far as I know.
Thu 02/08/12 at 03:01
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Anyone know how to mod skyrim 360 version? I get the part about labeling other ppls saves injecting them rehashing to unlock items and perks and such. I wanna know if/how to mod characters and locations...ect. Ya know bigger mods.
Fri 23/12/11 at 08:12
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i found out about that chug bug that the last guy said i really hate this thing but they will fix it and i love the fact that the guards dont know where you are and killing all witnesses eradicates your bounty for any crime you had committed
Wed 07/12/11 at 11:32
Posts: 439
Skyrim is cool, but I have encountered the bug that makes the game start to chug a bit when your save size gets bigger. The new patch has fixed this a bit, but it's still present. This bug appears to be most visible on the PS3, although it appears it may just be hitting PS3 owners sooner due to the way the PS3 memory is arranged.

I've reviewed the game in the reviews forum here. One cool thing I didn't spot until later was that the guards aren't psychic anymore - they don't automatically know about a crime. Instead, you can kill all witnesses to a crime and they won't find out.
Tue 06/12/11 at 14:15
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Skyrim is half price on all formats in Gamestation (in store). Details in the Bargain thread.

Sooooo tempting...
Wed 30/11/11 at 23:07
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
I'd like to play this.

PC isn't an option unless I want to play with a blank screen. I don't remember ever having to upgrade my PS3 and 360 and they still play new games perfectly well.

But with Christmas coming I can't afford to buy more games for myself now. Trade ins are the only other option.
Tue 29/11/11 at 00:26
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I love skyrim i got it three days ago and it is pure awesomesauce i am going around as a high elf kicking butt and pointlessly conjuring flame atronachs and reanimating corpses just to make me look tough i have it for ps3 THE REAL GAMING CONSOLE in the world at this point of time

Tue 08/11/11 at 20:31
Posts: 15
I FREAKING WANT THS GAME SOO MUCH. I love the elder scrolls series. this is gonna be the best one. i love the fact that im gonna be able to just be walking around and all of a suddenly get attacked by a dragon and have an epic fight. I'll get it on Xbox (as its all ive got). Bring on Friday!!!!.

P.S Watch this skyrim video. its hilarious
Thu 13/10/11 at 16:06
"Devil in disguise"
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I'm not even sure I'll buy it at launch actually. :P
Never seem to have the time/circumstances to play. I preordered The Witcher 2..excitedly counted the days until it came out. Got it on release day & installed it. And I've not even finished the prologue yet. Seems a ridiculous waste of money to have paid full price.

Making acidic comments on the internet is such a demanding job, never have time for anything else. :(
Thu 13/10/11 at 14:05
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"Freeola Ltd"
Posts: 3,299
It is under my desk. Not got the PC and games room setup properly yet. Need to pull cabling through and re-inforce the flooring still.

When I do that I will have both PC's up there, and be able to get some games for the PC.

I'm refusing outright to play Skyrim on the PC until I have the graphics card to do so. I'm not going to sit there playing it on a non 52" screen, with the lowest graphics possible. In an unfinished room.

I agree with not playing it on consoles, but unfortunately it's that or not play it. And I wanna play it! *stomps foot*

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