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"Amiga Games, which were your favourite?"

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Sun 16/03/03 at 02:45
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for me the golden age of gaming was the amiga. I had hundreds of games for it. many of the games we have today came from that old system. i remember a few in particular :

walker : towards the end of the machines life, a superb side on blaster had you using the joystick to control a 50ft high walker, and the mouse aiming the cannon at idiots with m16s. finally you could be ed-209, and it worked brilliantly!

hired guns : for me the first multiplayer first person shooter. 4 of your mates could duke it out on the same screen (using the keyboard and joysticks), running from room to room lobbing grenades and kicking the crap out of each other.

hunter : massive 3d war game where you controlled one guy, and ran around a 3d polygon map stealing cars, boats, helicopters, tanks, bicycles, hovercrafts and anything. you had to complete missions which usually came second to running people over etc.

midwinter : incredibly atmospheric war game. you played a host of characters (switching between them), and travelled around a massive 3d island, using vehicles, cable-cars and what-not to get about. the goal was attack an invading army at its headquarters. brilliant for its time

north and south : lunacy as you choose a side in the american civil war, and beat your opponent by cutting off his train routes and having huge battles, involving cavalry, infantry and cannons. pure stupidity and a right laugh.

supercars 1 + 2 : birds eye view racing game, similar to micromachines, buy cars, do them up, buy silly weapons like homing missiles, and kill your friends.

syndicate (not wars) : one of my all time favourites. kidnap people, turn them into cyborgs, give them miniguns, and blast rival gangs and innocent people in a blade runner style world. ultra violent. ultra satisfying.

monkey island series : i know you can get it on the PC, but it really was a gem of a series.

silkworm : choose a helicopter or a jeep (or both with a mate), and blow things up in an r-type style side on shoot em up

can't think of any more off hand

call me a nostalgic old git but I thought these games were great.

So, if you had an amiga, what games were you mostly playing?
Fri 04/07/03 at 15:16
Posts: 9
Most amiga games are worth playing their all good games in their own unique way
Mon 30/06/03 at 20:55
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I made a version of Gravity Force 2 you know.
Oh yes.
And I know it's original creators.
Go me.
Mon 30/06/03 at 19:25
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Another really good public domain game was Air Taxi, it was a cross between Gravity Force 2 and Crazy Taxi with no weapons.
Mon 30/06/03 at 18:51
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Jimmy the Saint wrote:
> Tanx

i had that, the best one was 'scorched tanks' though. you had a choice of about 200 weapons, all uniquely unique.

theres even a new version available Public Domain (shareware) for PC, which is nice
Mon 30/06/03 at 16:41
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Jonathan Nash wrote:
> AHA!
> Did you used to get Amiga Power dude?

I got the occaisional issue of Amiga Power. I got Amiga Format and CU Amiga up until they closed.

I thought of some other games I really liked:

Mon 30/06/03 at 00:58
Posts: 20,776
Jonathan Nash wrote:
> AHA!
> Did you used to get Amiga Power dude?

I did, my favourite in the early amiga days was amiga format.

my favourite public domain game was 'extreme violence'
Sun 29/06/03 at 20:41
Posts: 3,893

Did you used to get Amiga Power dude?
Sun 29/06/03 at 08:46
Posts: 71
Here's my favourite games:

Sensible World of Soccer
Slam Tilt
Sensible Golf
Beneath a Steel Sky
Theme Park

Public Domain games:
Gravity Force 2
Blitz Bombers (A bomberman clone)
Master Blaster (Another bomberman clone - superb game)
Sneech (a Tron clone)
Thu 26/06/03 at 12:32
"you've got a beard"
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you can get plenty of those kinds of cd's for PC dude..
a lot of the games are really old and some are awful, but they're cheap.

i'm running an amiga emulator on the pc using disk images i made from my old miggy games :)
Thu 26/06/03 at 07:07
Posts: 1
Many of us had, erm, backed-up games. Wouldn't it be great is we could buy a CD or DVD with Ami games for a fiver? Perhaps if it ran on the PS2? Someone should sort that out...

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