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"I'm going to gerrids house"

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Sun 16/03/03 at 17:52
Posts: 787
Well, not personally, obviously.
Mon 17/03/03 at 21:28
"Comfortably Numb"
Posts: 5,591
Hercules! wrote:
> I farted in one of those tubes.

I ate out of one of them...
Mon 17/03/03 at 21:09
"[SE] Acetrooper"
Posts: 2,527
If you found those tubes empty, the poor dear that ate 'em is gonna have a whole body full o' Ricin. I mean, chocolate.
Mon 17/03/03 at 20:41
Posts: 12,243
I farted in one of those tubes.
Mon 17/03/03 at 20:39
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
Back to the discussion!

Who brought all those used smartie tubes?!??!?
There was some freaky looking guy licking them all night, he didn't bring them though, he found them after someone dumped them BESIDE the bin.
Mon 17/03/03 at 20:35
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
T'was very funny though??
Mon 17/03/03 at 20:33
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Jesus Christ you bunch of God damned mentally ill psycho's.
I've just scan read this page, and bloody hell, you honestly really are a bunch of cretins.

*shakes head*
Mon 17/03/03 at 20:30
Posts: 12,243

*runs like santa*
Mon 17/03/03 at 20:29
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
Lies, surely?
Mon 17/03/03 at 20:27
Posts: 12,243
No, they were the ones who forced *me* todo it...
Mon 17/03/03 at 20:14
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
He must have used his boyish charm to entice them into lurid acts of depravity.
Sounds about right.

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