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"Who's the Oldest Member?"

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Tue 19/06/07 at 00:42
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
It's a question that just struck me. I mean we often have a quick banter on how long we've been here for, and it usually turns up as Machie who's the oldest.

But I mean overal, who was here before you? Who mocked you into your welcome party of SR?

Oldest I could think of was Your Honour...

My oldest account has been here around 1500 days, so I'm quite young, but what about you?
Mon 25/06/07 at 17:00
"Devil in disguise"
Posts: 3,151
I didnt want to be the one to say this but...

The most beautiful member is clearly me. And I mean that in both a physical and spiritual sense. :P
Mon 25/06/07 at 16:19
Posts: 23,216
I've been here since day 2 I think, under the name of Monkey, but that was my old account and it's been deleted since and I have no idea how to access it anyway.

The only other one who was around then who posted for a while afterwards was Darkness, who arrived on the first day.

And I'm 22
Mon 25/06/07 at 16:02
Posts: 9,397
Geffdof wrote:
> Not me, Im only 21. I feel so young.

at 21 your just a lil pup
Mon 25/06/07 at 15:35
"lets go back"
Posts: 2,661
Not me, Im only 21. I feel so young.
Mon 25/06/07 at 15:26
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
Ladybird wrote:
> ... I think I'm the eldest in these forums.. maybe close to Tim ...

I'm 34 but I think they're are some older than me.
Mon 25/06/07 at 00:26
Posts: 938
aw *hugs* You're a cutie too Machie ;)
Mon 25/06/07 at 00:23
Posts: 19,415
You're also the most beautiful *blush*
Mon 25/06/07 at 00:22
Posts: 938
Hmm. I think I'm the eldest in these forums.. maybe close to Tim, but definitely not as ancient as Tony. Heh :P
Sun 24/06/07 at 14:21
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
I'm a grizzled ancient having hit 30 a few months ago.

Only 2234 days registered though.
Sat 23/06/07 at 18:21
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Biggie Little Jr. wrote:
> The thread I really miss was the Football Manager 2005 thread...
> Good times.

Seconded, though I haven't played Football Manager/Championship Manager in years!

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