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"Film of 2010"

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Wed 22/12/10 at 21:20
Posts: 18,487
I was going to do a series of threads like this, covering film, music, TV and games but as I've not actually watched much TV, heard much music or played many games, I'll leave that to someone else. Anyway

What's your nomination for Best Film of 2010?

Suggestions here, though not a complete list Films of 2010

The only rule is the film has to have had it's UK released in 2010 according to the IMDB
Fri 04/02/11 at 22:54
Posts: 18,487
Coo Coo wrote:
He's supposedly working on a Nightmare Before Xmas sequel, woo

15 years later and I've still not seen the original. I was in secondary school when it came out and as part of a class trip, we had a vote between going to see Nightmare Before Christmas or Junior (with the Governator). The class voted for Junior, forever damaging my faith in any democracy that allows morons to vote.
Thu 03/02/11 at 18:40
Posts: 7,037
Forgot about Alice in Wonderland, really enjoyed that too. It is kinda hard to not like a Tim Burton movie though.
He's supposedly working on a Nightmare Before Xmas sequel, woo

I was considering watching The Last Exorcism but the poster alone puts me off with that woman clung to the ceiling and all bent up, ugh, & I suck at horrors anyway. Still curious..
How scary/disturbing would you rate it, HM?
Mon 31/01/11 at 12:12
Posts: 4,686
I enjoyed Alice In Wonderland...although it was much different to what I had expected.

Toy Story 3 and Tron were also big names that I thorughly enjoyed - Tron providing a nice 2D/3D mix - very clever use of the technology.

The Last Exorcism probably was the most disturbing - I wouldn't say it was a scary film as such, but the ending made me feel sick to the core. I perhaps enjoyed it as Patrick Fabian looks scarily like Jeremy Kyle throughout and the idea of JK performing exorcisms amused me greatly.
Sat 29/01/11 at 18:07
"The Videogame King"
Posts: 221
Avatar was really good.

I loved Legion, but The Crazies has still got to be my favorite horror movie.
Sat 29/01/11 at 10:22
Posts: 7,037
Just one? Difficult.. 2010 was a fantastic year for films.

My faves were Toy Story 3, Dogtooth, Avatar, Inception, Shutter Island.
Catfish was also another great one.

I say, Toydogtartionlandish.
Thu 06/01/11 at 04:16
Posts: 18,487
Alfonse wrote:
Inception is definitely the most overhyped piece of garbage ever.

* Goes deep into Al's subconcious and plants the idea that's he's wrong *

I've just watched it, I fully expected to be disappointed but it really is a magnificent film.
For the films I've seen from 2010 it's unquestionably the best. I'm not sure I'd say it's my favourite though.
Wed 05/01/11 at 14:38
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Loved Avatar. I don't see why a film has to be original to be good, sooner or later you use an idea that has already been done. I've seen the film 4 times now, both the director's cut and original and in 3D, and I'm still happy to watch it again.

Scott Pilgrim was great for geek references and it was a damn good version of the comic, not the best film of last year though.

Still haven't seen Inception, but would guess that would figure high based on what everyone else has said about it. Think it's on Qriocity (Sony's streaming HD Movie service on Bravia TVs, PS3 and Bluray Players) which I have credit from Sony for, so might get to watch it soon.

Legion was interesting, not great but a good concept (fallen angel saving Earth from God's Wrath).

Loved the rehashed A-Team as well, didn't think they could pull it off, but they did.

How to Train Your Dragon was entertaining. Marmaduke was watchable (just) because of Owen Wilson.

But ultimately, Toy Story 3 trumps everything else.

Worst film of the year goes to Skyline, no competition.
Tue 04/01/11 at 14:02
Posts: 1
I think how the best film in 2010 is the Cop out with Bruce Willis.:D Watch it and a many other films and you will realized how it's the best.:D
Mon 03/01/11 at 19:06
Posts: 9,995
Butch wrote:
Alfonse wrote:
[i]I hated the Godfather. But then I hate any Marlon Brando movie where he's older than forty.

Last Tango in Paris?
Apocalypse Now?[/i]

Mon 03/01/11 at 16:52
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Butch wrote:
Alfonse wrote:
Apocalypse Now?

Wow a film I've actually seen :D Enjoyed Apocalypse Now. Only watched it because we read The Heart of Darkness in English GCSE. That's an awful book...

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