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"Big Brother should have died..."

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Tue 05/06/07 at 08:27
Posts: 33,481
...this should have won [URL][/URL]
Sat 16/06/07 at 18:43
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
X-Fire was great, so corny. Plus it had Vanessa Upton in a skintight costume, always good :-D
Tue 12/06/07 at 00:06
Posts: 33,481
Seen all of these apart from the pirates one, shall give that a look.

I also remember something called Spy Game/Spy training/spy school which challenged people to perform espionage tasks. It was on BBC 2, that was good and I'd have liked to see that continue.
Sun 10/06/07 at 22:22
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
XFIRE!! terrible show. Bearly watched through 10 minuates before switching to another channel.

There is pirate master on sky. Interesting for most of the part. Especially as you can slowly start feeling the tension and annoyance of crew members towards their captain.


Captain is team leader esstentially if his team wins he takes away 50% of the gold won in a challenge (to spend as he pleases) and 2 officiers get 1/4 of the winnings and anything else left is given to the crew members. To make matters more worse the captain clearly has a better life.

Although the first person to be voted off was priceless.


"Rubbish. We can navigate with shadows and sunlight by day and the stars at night. I don't need YOU"

"Oh yeah? Tell me wheres North tonight"

*Captain looks vaguely and shruggs*

"I can't but we definately can in the morning"

It ended with the majority of the crew voting him off. God did he look stupid.
Sun 10/06/07 at 18:22
"Funky Gibon"
Posts: 473
I remember on Channel4 the paint ball games. They had missions and one was to save Gill Bates. They could purchase armour as well.
Fri 08/06/07 at 23:54
Posts: 5,848
Der Nazi wrote:
> I can't remember the name of the
> wargames one, but it certainly was pretty interesting

Time Commanders??
Fri 08/06/07 at 22:06
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
filmed in maldon essex. Not far from where i live and the place where people can buy oyosters.

iT MUST be the oyosters bringing out the murderer out.

I wish BB did die. Or one of the contestants died or they started killing each other, it might have been interesting.
Fri 08/06/07 at 21:40
Posts: 5,953
The Mole was brilliant. I loved it so much. In a way it's good they didn't over do it, but it's had a long enough rest to try for another series now.
Fri 08/06/07 at 16:13
Posts: 18,487
I've no idea why it wasn't brought back.
Fri 08/06/07 at 15:56
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
I'm agreeing with Nin here; I can't remember the name of the wargames one, but it certainly was pretty interesting, I'd have liked to have a go at that myself.

I'd love to see a return of Robot Wars, though if I remember correctly, they did all the Grudge matches and so on which kinda killed the whole tournament off, and when Channel 5 bought the franchise, no one could be bothered any more. And the episode where the UK roboteers took on the Americans, that was some damn good TV!
Tue 05/06/07 at 18:59
Posts: 18,487
Shrimper wrote:
> Also anyone ever watch The Mole or channel5 loved that
> programme. There were 2 series.

I was just about to mention that

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