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"Happy Birthday To Mister Badgerman Sir..."

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Mon 14/04/03 at 23:20
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Back in the old day, there were me, Badger, KR, big_slow, Jive, nh, Grapo, Mandy, Tom, Neo, Pro Evo, Shadow and a whole cast of other weird people. It was good. We had a larf. And stuff.

He's been here for 500 days, apparently, and ordered me to make a new topic... so here it is...

Back in the day, there werent as many spamming fools as there are today *looks around* and it was fun... yah... already said that...

And "The atmosphere has gone" "The community has gone" "We need some stories" "Things like that" "Now im gonna talk about some of the classic moments".

Well... err... I remember one time we were all spamming in the longest thread to get to the next milestone. 25,000 or whatever it was. We made big_slow prank one of our mates.

"Hi, youve won this competition... if you can answer this correct answer..."

I gloated because I got food which was nice. big_slow liked fudge. Badgerman was like... a badger... and a man... in one!


I wasnt a phoney back then either. Good times.

Lets all sing and dance for Badgerman, even though this topic is very gay and stuff.

I got Def Jam Vendetta by the way... nerr nerrrr.

Sun 20/04/03 at 19:03
Posts: 5,029
Where's that HHH bloke that came along ages ago?

Sat 19/04/03 at 18:35
Posts: 493
The days of E-mail bombing.... were funny days on Msn
Sat 19/04/03 at 18:31
Posts: 11,597
El Nå†ßu© wrote:
Not sure about Quinty though, odd that...

Quinty started insulting me and Chipseh on MSN or something, so we called him childish and he said "I'm leaving you gits". Hah, he blocked us and from that day, never posted on SR again!
Sat 19/04/03 at 17:44
Posts: 12,243
*nudge nudge wink wink*
Sat 19/04/03 at 17:43
Posts: 8,818
Yeh RM18'S brother.
Sat 19/04/03 at 17:13
Posts: 493
Liquid Snake sucked, didnt like him. Was someones brother wasnt it?

*Mr. Controvercial strikes*
Thu 17/04/03 at 08:58
"  "
Posts: 7,549
KR was here 3 days ago in the Longest Thread. And nh said ba-bye in a topic he made a few days ago. Not sure about Quinty though, odd that...
Wed 16/04/03 at 23:59
"Conversation Killer"
Posts: 5,550
2 days ago in fact in the longest thread
Wed 16/04/03 at 23:55
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
KR popped into a forum somewhere not too long ago. 'Bout 2 months ago I think. Didn't say much though.
Wed 16/04/03 at 19:35
Posts: 5,135
*walks in*

Not him...

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