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"Tony hawks ideas............."

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Thu 17/04/03 at 09:45
Posts: 787
I reckon you should be able to make a bridge on the create a park. THPS3 and 4 weren't what i expected they haven't got much stuff you can create terrible parks it's pretty ...........well you know can anyone think of some ideas to improve this game?
Thu 10/07/03 at 00:34
Posts: 329
and is anyone submitting these ideas to the addy given when you go online in pro skater 4?
Wed 09/07/03 at 13:36
"Brownium Motion"
Posts: 4,100
Ideas for Hawks? Scrap the whole franchise and shoot Hawks.
Wed 09/07/03 at 13:35
Posts: 33,481
Guns. Gang warfare. Skateboarder factions in a blade runner style future city.

Stuff the tricks.
Wed 09/07/03 at 13:31
"Meet me on amplitud"
Posts: 15
I think to add to what some one else said . You should s**tart off as a nobody. (like you will on thug) and you have to be in the right place at the right time. Meet people impress them, get them to hang around your spots and meet contacts/pros to hook you up. once you s**tart on a team you look for new talent and perhaps s**tart your own team. And become a total rich sellout with 3 cars and a pool and sh*t. But seriously, adding an rpg element is the way to go!! Rob agressive inline of the development points idea so frins**tance you might be crap at 5-0's but once you got 50-50's and manuals down you could improve. combo lines should be back but with different colours. 50,000 points - green, 100,000 points - yellow. etc..
sorry im going on a bit now. bye
Thu 26/06/03 at 14:30
Posts: 4,279
vorderman wrote:
and 98.2 in the Japan Comp in Thps3.

Hehe, I got 99.9 in this. Was one hell of a grind!
Wed 23/04/03 at 15:13
Posts: 2,774
i think that overall, all the street-based levels suck. they sahould go for all-out ramps and real nice-looking stunt setups. instead of small-time mini rails and ollie-ing over planters. and i ALSO think that they should include more levels. i'd have to say that thps1 was my fav.
Sun 20/04/03 at 11:12
Posts: 171
One thing which should be very easy.

Backwards Compatability on PS formats.

You should be able to use your THPS4 (or latest version) characters / skills / stats, and then be able to take them to compete for scores, on all the levels from the previous games.

Surely this isn't that hard to program?

Would add serious lastability and sell more games, as people wouldn't trade in, and may even seek out any older games they had missed.

Example, Roswell in THPS1 is one of my all time favourite THPSlevels, but when you play later games, and can manual / reconfigure specials, it's hard to go back to basics.

Imagine how great it would be, to use your fully statted THPS4 character, with their vastly increased trick abilities and selections!

Sun 20/04/03 at 10:14
Posts: 171
To be honest I don't really care what they look like, as long as they grind...

I think the one with the ghetto blaster looks a bit of a dick with that strapped to his back while doing 720's, very realistic...

Officer Dick could have crowd control bonus rounds, having to 'beat down' the bad kid skaters.

I think skating across grass is very silly too, and unnecesary.
Fri 18/04/03 at 11:48
"My head hurts"
Posts: 284
i just thought of another one you should be able to create your own logo for clothes and skateboards!
Fri 18/04/03 at 07:27
Posts: 171
For me, the competition rounds are by far my favourite, I like the tension, and the averaging of scores.

And the simplicity of just having to skate hard instead of exploring (as I've said).

Then after finishing all the tasks and unlocking everything, they are lots of fun to go back to the try and beat your highest round score and highest averages (which they should definitely be savable).

I've got 98.7 in Roswell Thps1, and 98.2 in the Japan Comp in Thps3.

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