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"Top Gear"

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Thu 05/08/10 at 14:51
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
In a bid to suggest he's not doing well, The Guardian has just described Tom Cruise's appearance on Top Gear as 'slumming it', insinuating that the programme is for those of a certain class, not fit for celebs.

Now I for one love Top Gear and can't see why it would be just something to appeal to the sort of people The Guardian insinuates but I thought I'd put the question out there and ask you lot what you thought about the show?

The missions they get sent on are often hilarious and, yes, they can be a bit over-the-top and insensitive at times (well, Clarkson can) but it's entertaining.
Thu 19/08/10 at 23:15
Posts: 10,009
Butch wrote:

> Oh, and Phillipa Forrester :)

In my "youth" ( well very late youth at that) I had a massive crush on her - but steer clear now to avoid ruining that beautiful memory (runs away as fast as I can before I'm killed!)

On the Top Gear theme the recent one where Jeremy Clarkson kept turning over a Reliant Robin was great, especially the one where he did it behind a BBC film crew filming a local news story and they ran like hell to "rescue" him :)
Wed 11/08/10 at 19:00
"Zebra Three 537-ONN"
Posts: 195
Great show, Hammond needs a hair cut.
Sat 07/08/10 at 18:43
"RIP English_Bloke"
Posts: 297
One of the few programmes on TV worth a look. Some things they do are just plain stupid an obviously faked, (the burning of a caravan springs to mind), but most of what they do is at least entertaining and it's one of the few shows where they'd rather get in a bit of hot water then not say something.

I'm a bit of a Clarkson fan and think they've got the mix of presenters pretty much spot on. While I agree that the show can only go on for so long now that it's an entertainment programme rather then a car one, I do hope it's not too soon.

As for saying a celeb is "slumming" it by appearing on the show... I was surprised to see Cruise on there, but he is a huge car fan, loves doing stunts and high octane stuff, and what's more high octane then thrashing a Kia around an airfield?

Just remember people that say this is slumming it - this show was voted the best show of the last decade recently.
Fri 06/08/10 at 20:31
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Yet again, another thread gets taken completely off track :P *brings back round to Top Gear*
Fri 06/08/10 at 14:47
Staff Moderator
"Show Me Your Moves"
Posts: 2,255
As long as you are able to bask in her glory now, then it's all good.

Also, Craig Charles will always be Lister. FACT.
Fri 06/08/10 at 13:57
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Sadly, I was young when I watched Robot Wars and the hormones were miles off, so I was more excited by Craig Charles (who I used to refer to as Lister) than Philippa Forrester.
Fri 06/08/10 at 13:52
Staff Moderator
"Show Me Your Moves"
Posts: 2,255
Ah that was the fella I was thinking of, got confused with Razor/ChaosII. Razor was the better robot but that bloke was always worth watching for.

Oh, and Phillipa Forrester :)
Fri 06/08/10 at 13:49
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
The only weedy ginger I can think of is the guy who controls Chaos 2. I liked Chaos 2, but I hated the guys controlling it.

Chaos 2 Controller

I think I know the Razer guy you mean though. They had a grudge match with Pussycat on Dave yesterday (Pussycat won!).
Fri 06/08/10 at 13:21
Staff Moderator
"Show Me Your Moves"
Posts: 2,255
Razor2 was always my favourite, it looked so slick and had the most geeky-looking bloke controlling it. A weedy ginger fellow if I remember correctly...
Fri 06/08/10 at 01:49
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
I always wanted to go on it :( My favourite robot.... well it is Dead Metal, but 'he's' a house robot. Favourite none-house robot is probably Behemoth. What a huge beast.

*EDIT* Hypnodisc is probably up there with Behemoth aswell.

This is my favourite fight in the entire show. Hypnodisc is definitely the more exciting robot to watch.

Behemoth vs Hypnodisc (+ Dead Metal)

Was a shame when they first brought the refbot in, really killed off the brutality of the 'old' old Robot Wars.

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