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"Going to Japan- Which GC games to get?"

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Sun 20/04/03 at 14:06
Posts: 787
I don't really know anything about japanese games, and i was wondering if you guys do. So could anyone point me in the right direction of what games to get in Japan that won't be coming out here for ages? Thanks
Thu 24/04/03 at 01:31
Posts: 18,185
Killer Nightmare wrote:
> Do you think that Eneter The Matrix Will Be playable, as in will it be
> in english, but with jap subtitles?

I doubt It'll be coming out over there and it'll be out over here first.

Get P.N. 03 or PRo Evolution Soccor.
Tue 22/04/03 at 16:28
Posts: 11,373
Yea, good point on the SARS thing, maybe u shouldn't go...
Tue 22/04/03 at 15:25
"Proffesional Eejit."
Posts: 1,631
yey soulskajer.

and on a lighter note: shut up you stupid twonk of a n00b, zeldafan.
Tue 22/04/03 at 15:06
"Long time no see!"
Posts: 8,351
I was seriously thinking about going to Japan for a while next-year, for no particular reason - if I don't get into college, for some reason...
I dunno what I'd do over there... Wonder around, and take in the sights, I suppose. And maybe learn a Martial Art - the Japanese-way.

But since this whole SARS thing has come about, I've been put off the idea.

If you're after Japanese games, then Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution is definitley one to get, if you love football. I ordered mine the other day, so it should be arriving very-soon. And from what I've heard, it's not only better than ISS 2, ISS 3, and FIFA 2003, but also Pro Evolution Soccer 2 on the PS2! Just ask Alistair...!

If you haven't got Animal Crossing yet, you could get that. But you may want to import an American version, instead.

And what about a Panasonic Q - and save yourself a load on import costs?

And there's that Mr.Driller game, which NGC seem to love so much...

But don't waste all your time and money over there on gaming - appreciate Japan for the place it is!
Tue 22/04/03 at 11:30
Posts: 842
or any websites that give reviews etc for jap games?
Tue 22/04/03 at 11:29
Posts: 842
Any others you can think of?
Mon 21/04/03 at 18:55
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Killer Nightmare wrote:
> P.N.03 - is it meant to be good?

Pretty sure. Got good reviews etc.

Short, but replayable and stuff.

Mon 21/04/03 at 18:55
Posts: 48
Ghost Killer wrote:
> When are you going to Japan because if it's in the Summer holidays
> then there's a very slight chancce Mario Kart will be released by
> then. But only if it's released July or August.
> swiss why are you a ghost killer if ghosts cant die?
Mon 21/04/03 at 18:54
Posts: 48
Ghost Killer wrote:
> There's the Nintendo puzzle collection. Supposed to be okay.
not worth getting though get killer 7 if its out.
Mon 21/04/03 at 18:52
Posts: 48
Whitestripes wrote:
> Get PN03, it's supposed to be mostly in English anyway.
But PNO3 is crap get zelda.

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