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"Prime Advert"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Metroid Prime'.
Sun 20/04/03 at 15:38
Posts: 787
Just saw the Metroid prime advert (dunno how long it's been around), but it's really brilliant, far superior to PS2 game adverts. Now all Nintendo have to do is get some good prime time slots.

Wed 23/04/03 at 01:25
"everyone says it"
Posts: 14,738
FinalFantasyFanatic wrote:
> Yeah, I noticed all the footage was pretty crappy, more like they were
> filming a video of a film of the footage. Something like that.
> But there was a big lava monster thingy which looked really cool.
> I likeeee.
> *Wets himself in exitement*
> Ah, this time in 2 weeks .....

It was the most expensive game advert made and was also a test for the film (test shots).

The film's script is going ahead now and that Dark Angel chick will probably be Samus. :)
Tue 22/04/03 at 18:19
Posts: 182
wow! you're australian! i cant believe you're actually real!
Tue 22/04/03 at 15:18
"Australian Person."
Posts: 280
Apparantly it's been advertised down here as well.

Anyone remember the 64 add? Good old days...
Mon 21/04/03 at 19:41
Posts: 3,032
PS2 Adverts an't that bad.

It beats Nintendo too ever having a Advert on TV.
Mon 21/04/03 at 19:31
Posts: 504
The problem is that for Nintendo, two adverts on Channel 5 are a "massive campaign". PS2 ads are all terrible, but they are shown most weeks on Channels 4 and 5, and big games put on at prime time on ITV. Nintendo simply don't spend that money on their marketing. Fair enough - they see game development as a better way to spend money, and they're right IMO, but it's difficult to persuade the public that Nintendo games are actually pretty good without spending a load more money.
Sun 20/04/03 at 21:03
"  "
Posts: 7,549
Yeah well, she's quite fit by most standards :D
Sun 20/04/03 at 21:02
Posts: 182
but if you compensate for the armor she like a twig lol
Sun 20/04/03 at 20:58
"  "
Posts: 7,549
Yeah but she has all armor on so she doesn't look 'that' thin.
Sun 20/04/03 at 20:52
Posts: 182
i dont think the advert was that good

the game is amazing though

the ad wold have been better if they had used cut scenes from the game. as far as i could make out, they used a guy in the samus suit. and samus is super skinny, so a guy in the suit made her look all fat.
Sun 20/04/03 at 19:43
Posts: 21,800
The detail on that big muther smackeths my biatch up and has made me soil myself on many occasion.

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