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"GBA SP for £15"

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Mon 21/04/03 at 19:55
Posts: 787
this to me sounds like a dodgey deal. got to to buy one if you dare.

what the site says:

"you will receive the GBA SP delivered to your door.
Your £15.00 fee is for membership of the GBA SP program. Once joined, your name is added to the list of current members. When you are the top person and cycle (meaning 10 other people have joined the GBA SP program after you reach the top), we will ship your top ten GBA SP to you. That's it !
Once your membership fee is paid, you will receive a password enabling you to view the membership list"

dodgey dealings, are what they are made of. me thinks.

copied and pasted from the dodgey website show above
Tue 22/04/03 at 18:48
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
I remember some random cartoon (possibly the Simpsons) wherby they had a trapesium scheme rather than a pyramid. Damn funny episode.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, they're all the same. There are tons on eBay, each slightly different but all are equal in the end. Bit like the different Loan companies you see on TV...
Tue 22/04/03 at 18:42
"Peace Respect Punk"
Posts: 8,069
Basically an alteration of one of those Pyramid schemes. Using GBA SPs rather than the prospect of more money for your investment to dress it up. So basically don't do it. It's bull poo.
Tue 22/04/03 at 16:34
"For the horde!!!!"
Posts: 3,656
froots wrote:
> There's even a mystery gift list for the incredibly dull-minded!

whats the betting is's a pen
Tue 22/04/03 at 14:32
Posts: 2,131
How often do you play on your regular GBA then?
Tue 22/04/03 at 14:04
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
Just as well I only need 2 GBA's already. One for playing games on and one for trading things from one game to another if friends don't have GBA's.

I don't ever regret buying an SP even though I own a GBA since I love playing games in the dark and it is so much clearer than a normal screen that has full sunlight shining on it.
Tue 22/04/03 at 11:57
Posts: 3,893
Damn. Must, read, posts, before, posting, own, post.
Tue 22/04/03 at 11:56
"Walking Stick Neede"
Posts: 77
I got my SP for £74 quid.

But now you can only buy the SP there as a pack with some crappy extras and for a much higher price. Oh and I got £10 off for being a first time customer.
Tue 22/04/03 at 11:55
Posts: 3,893
Yeah, It looks like a really professional site too...

And strangely, they don't let you see the list of members UNTIL you've joined yourself. How odd...

There's even a mystery gift list for the incredibly dull-minded!
Tue 22/04/03 at 11:21
Posts: 11,373
It's just a rip off, don't join it, just forget it.
Tue 22/04/03 at 10:27
"For the horde!!!!"
Posts: 3,656
Never fall for something like this, if it sounds too good to be true it usally is.

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