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Wed 23/04/03 at 10:24
Posts: 787

And Pikmin 2, but meh: news/article.jsp?ElementId=3242d393 -f4c5-4e00-89fd-b50a67eedcc5

It's classical anyways, how cool are you, anyway?

Looks like each character gets their own kind of kart, Whacky Races style. Detail is superb.

Must see this running. Roll on the E3! Woo
Sun 27/04/03 at 19:26
Posts: 6,989
Really looking forward to getting Mario Kart, and I wonder what the battle mode will be like.
Sun 27/04/03 at 13:16
Posts: 11,875
Sun 27/04/03 at 13:12
Posts: 15,681
caring mongoose wrote:
> white stripes can t go a without bieng banned

what the hell are you on about?

If Whitestripes was banned, his acocunt would be frozen and he wouldn't be able to re-register with the same name.
Sat 26/04/03 at 22:38
"the third person"
Posts: 68
white stripes can t go a without bieng banned
Sat 26/04/03 at 22:31
Posts: 23,695
Mario Kart beats Gran Turismo to a pulp with its eyes closed and its hands tied behind its back.

Want fun and excitement? Get Mario Kart.
Want to drive a Honda Accord Type-R Version 6.5 and find out how many milimetres its exhaust pipe is? Get Gran Turismo.
Sat 26/04/03 at 17:59
Posts: 7,549
Damarus wrote:
> El Nu wrote:
> Monkey_With_Attitude wrote:
> I actually like the new karts, even though it ruins the Mario Kart
> feel a bit.
> I'd enjoy playing with those karts more, I liked Whacky Races for it
> :-D
> You're just obsessed with d**do's.
> Yeah whatever Nath. You told me you don't like Mario Kart
> fullstop!!!
> You also think GT3 is the best, most realistic game ever. The handling
> on it is nothing like a real car, End of story!

I never said that you *something insulting*. And clearly you have never driven a car. Get a Logitec wheel and then come say that to my face.
Sat 26/04/03 at 14:12
Posts: 23,695
It does work for me.

And yes, they do list those characters, but then they've clearly missed Daisy out, as she is in two of the pictures they've shown right next to the text.

And that's just a preview of E3 or something, because I think E3 start on the 24th May.
Sat 26/04/03 at 13:59
"Comfortably Numb"
Posts: 5,591
Error 404...
Sat 26/04/03 at 12:38
Posts: 4,279
Sat 26/04/03 at 12:36
"May Contain Nuts"
Posts: 871
Wow been a while since I been here, home away from home....ah the memories!

Personaly one of the ideas that I like about this game is the fact that you can link two GC's together and have an 8 player match. No more of trying to beat 3 challenging players (well depends whos playing) and the rest of the easy to beat CPU's

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