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"Just tell me..."

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Thu 24/04/03 at 01:51
Posts: 787
When the unveil Conker 2 because I'll buy an X-box.
Sun 27/04/03 at 12:02
Posts: 13,611
I liked the bit with the stuck-up catfish and the pitbull terrier that swims. Classic Conker Comedy.
Sun 27/04/03 at 01:45
Posts: 18,185
I think its called Phallic Imagery.

Now what Conker does that is so funny is the mick takes of all those movies :P

It's like a decent, ruder version of GEX.
Sun 27/04/03 at 01:18
Posts: 21,800
Have you actually played Conker?

I can't think of a single knobbed shaped object in the whole game.
Sun 27/04/03 at 00:09
"Oi you- sort it out"
Posts: 2,969
How is conker funny. Lots of knob shaped objects about the place. I can see those drawn on desks in school.

It seams too obvious.
Sat 26/04/03 at 16:30
Posts: 11,875
Didn't Rare buy a domain name that had something to do with Gnomes?

Supposidly an online RPG?
Sat 26/04/03 at 16:27
Posts: 13,611
Dringo wrote:
> Maverick42 wrote:
> Ghoulies? What's that? Not a plagiarised Luigi's Mansion?
> Isn't it another name for your knackers?

Oh yeah. Sounds like an interesting game then.. can't.. er.. wait...
Sat 26/04/03 at 01:37
Posts: 18,185
Rare bought two domain names: and

Work it out :P
Sat 26/04/03 at 01:31
Posts: 21,800
Wasn't the Conker sequel gonna be called 'Grabbed by the Ghoulies' or something like that?
Sat 26/04/03 at 01:29
Posts: 18,185
Maverick42 wrote:
> Ghoulies? What's that? Not a plagiarised Luigi's Mansion?

Isn't it another name for your knackers?
Sat 26/04/03 at 00:45
Posts: 13,611
Ghoulies? What's that? Not a plagiarised Luigi's Mansion?


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