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"Do you think Halo reach will fail or triumph?"

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Sat 17/07/10 at 11:55
Posts: 3
I actually think it won;t be to bad-whadyuo think?
Wed 15/09/10 at 21:19
Posts: 15,681
pb wrote:

> I won't mention Halo Wars!

I wouldn't as far as playing the demo...awful stuff.

As for Reach...will be getting...just waiting for some moneys first...
Wed 15/09/10 at 19:46
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
So far I think it's selling pretty well.

I'm enjoying the game, more so than I did with Halo 3 and ODST but less than Halo 2. So far in order of greatness:

Halo 2
Halo reach
Halo 3

I won't mention Halo Wars!
Tue 14/09/10 at 19:04
"Zebra Three 537-ONN"
Posts: 195
I'm not the biggest Halo fan, in fact I went off it after Halo 2. But with this being a prequel and not having to really know the story so far, I decided to have a punt on this. So far I'm enjoying it, but will reserve judgement till I've played it more.

As for it being successful or not, there is no doubt it will be commercially successful, but we'll see what people think after actually playing it for a week or two.
Mon 13/09/10 at 13:40
Posts: 112
Might fail due too high expectations.
Thu 12/08/10 at 19:34
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
As others have noted, there's almost no way for it to not be a commercial success.

It looks fun, and most beta players said it was a blast to play, so I reckon it will stand the open market reviews.

I'm with Sonic Chris though, it's really, really not a game for me.
Thu 12/08/10 at 03:00
Posts: 1
I think that Reach wil triumph over ome of the new games coming out.
Thu 12/08/10 at 00:51
"peace is war"
Posts: 4
dude are u retarted. they do shoot actual bullets is just depends on wich type of gun you have.

p.s. this is for sonic chris
Sat 31/07/10 at 22:55
Posts: 143
I'll just wait 6 months and buy it at 20. Like I do with most games nowadays (except for MW2, 25 on release!).

It'll be like Halo ODST, but bigger and better.... which was like Halo 3, bigger and better... Halo 2... you get the picture.
Sat 31/07/10 at 14:03
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
Halo Reach will no doubt turn out to be a mediocre run of the mill FPS.It will be ridiculously hyped and overrated and played online mainly by unbelievably annoying 12 year old American kids.The game itself will set up back around 40 on release day and should you wish to trade it in within 6 months of purchasing it expect to get around a fiver for it.
Sat 31/07/10 at 14:00
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Never played Halo, it doesn't appeal to me at all. Anything sci-fi/laser guns etc. is not for me. Sounds stupid, but I prefer to fire actual bullets. Although I do like the Star Wars games, but that's the only exception.

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