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"Metal Gear Solid - The Twin Snakes Not The Petriots"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Metal Gear Solid : Twin Snakes'.
Thu 01/05/03 at 08:40
Posts: 787
Kojima has announced Konamis HI FI working title next Metal Gear Solid, and it would be unleashed at E3 but the bad new is that the Playstatoin2 dudes will stuck cause the title is only for the Gamecube has been announced , perhaps no detials for exclusive title so that we playstation2 dude might get it after a while may be with new title for the same game as The Petriots, but still its all rumours for ps2, the game is under development under Silicon Knights, well its really bad news atleast for me cause i was expecting the title for ps2 and expecting Kojima to give us a new MGS title but its only for Gamecube sukkers.
Sun 11/05/03 at 22:49
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Oooh, yar.
I thought that got cancelled.
Too much humping.
Sun 11/05/03 at 22:42
"Vote For Pedro"
Posts: 5,679
It's like a mix between Tom and Jerry and State Of Emergency. Should be good.
Sun 11/05/03 at 21:00
Posts: 7,549
Where everyone's pets go on a rampage around town.
Sun 11/05/03 at 19:25
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
What are Petriots, by the by?
Sun 11/05/03 at 18:04
Posts: 163
oh but nintendo have better games :-)
Sun 11/05/03 at 15:48
Posts: 18,185
Tiltawhirl wrote:
> It won't be though, people will still sink their teeth into Sony's
> love muscle whatever games are on the console.

With Microsoft slowly chipping away at Sony's castle... adventually a bit will fall.

Nintendo just needs to hope to pick up a few scraps the X-box leaves behind.
Sat 10/05/03 at 01:11
Posts: 21,800
It won't be though, people will still sink their teeth into Sony's love muscle whatever games are on the console.
Sat 10/05/03 at 00:09
Posts: 18,185
Problem is if GTA does go multi-format next year... Sony have lost near enough everything bar GT and Wipeout with Microsoft having a superior game to GT (Project Gotham etc...) and Nintendo having a superior game to Wipeout (F Zero)...

Could be painful.
Sun 04/05/03 at 16:00
Posts: 163
Never played MGS1 on PSOne? :O

Well i enjoyed part 1 more even though it was only on the PSOne, so its good to see they'll be doing a 'revamped' version of part 1; whoever liked Raiden anyway??

I think those PS2 fanboys are sulking...haha
Sun 04/05/03 at 15:10
Posts: 21,800
LŠR wrote:
If it stays
> GameCube exclusive then aside from Mario Kart it will be worth a
> GameCube alone to play this game.

It will stay exclusive, it's being made by a Nintendo 2nd party.

Never even got to play the first MGS (much like Resident Evil), so i'll be very much looking forward to getting my hands on this at the end of the year.

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