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"Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater'.
Thu 15/05/03 at 20:54
Posts: 787
What do you think of that video that was shown here? The so called "Leak". If you ask me, I'd say that this is NOT a leak but Konami have pretended it's a leak to lead us the wrong way.
The video shows Snake eating a snake - seems normal if you want to survive in the jungle - but why dose he hiss after he's eaten it? Also, the previous MGS games have been set in kind of futuristic settings (Since it dose take place in the future) so why would this take place in a jungle?
And what happened to Raiden? All of a sudden, he has been taken out of the picture.
BUT - this could actually be an MGS game that HAS leaked. Look at Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, this is a re-creation of Metal Gear Solid. Maybe Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater is a recreation of the Zanzibar inccident (Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake).
Or, since the title is MGS THREE: Snake Eater, It's probably a fake or it could even be a flash back for Snake. Like Snake's memory of Zanzibar or something. Maybe Snake has a dream?
Either way, I think that MGS: Snake Eater is definatly NOT Metal Gear Solid 3, (Unless he DOSE have a dream or something) But whatever it is it doen't look bad and it's for PS2 so I'll definitly get it. It's just a pity MGS: Twin Snakes dosen't come out for PS2, that woul be great!
Mon 19/05/03 at 22:33
"AKA 2PacForever306"
Posts: 186
Im looking foward to this game immensely, have the full 12 minute video footage trailer of Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater that was shown at E3.
Mon 19/05/03 at 22:21
Posts: 1,550
Blank wrote:
> Oh, and he has a mullet in MGS3, so it's more likely to be after MGS1.

But in MGS1 in the video bit in the extras you saw him get his long hair cut off by Niomi, I think. So it could be set before MGS1.
Mon 19/05/03 at 07:53
"Chris Morris"
Posts: 259
MGS 2 DID connect to MGS1 because in MGS2, the patriots try to kind of re-make MGS1 and shape Raiden into Solid Snake.
Mon 19/05/03 at 00:31
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Morius wrote:
> And what happened to Raiden? All of a sudden, he has been taken out of
> the picture.

And may i say thank god. Him and Rose or whatever her name was have got to be 2 of the worst videogame characters of all time.
Sun 18/05/03 at 23:13
Posts: 1,076
I know what this is , its the remake of the first metal gear game , first of all , because snake came with a parachute , and if you get the full trailer from , you'll notice that it says : 1960 - 1962 - 1963 - 1994 . but however you'll notice that snake had lost his eye at the end of both the leaked and official trailer , so it must be the actual mgs3 , or it could be didvided into 2 episoded like mgs2 , one before mgs1 , and one after mgs2
Sat 17/05/03 at 06:44
"Sorry about speelin"
Posts: 585
Raiden is so anoying i hope he is not in mgs3
Fri 16/05/03 at 21:33
Posts: 11,024
Oh, and he has a mullet in MGS3, so it's more likely to be after MGS1.
Fri 16/05/03 at 21:18
Posts: 11,024
Morius wrote:
> Yeah, I think after looking at some screenshots and things, it's
> DEFINITLY a game

Thanks for clearing that up.
Fri 16/05/03 at 20:17
Posts: 0
It looks as though it could be a prequel to MGS1. Snake seems to look younger and it would be a good angle to come from with a new MGS game.
With the first game you could read a few stories about Snake and his jobs before the whole Liquid incidence. It would be a good game to progess through Snake's life up until MGS1.
And it would be a good chance to give Raiden a good seeing to in his training before MGS2. That would be the highlight of any MGS game...
Fri 16/05/03 at 18:52
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
And where did SOL connect to MGS in any way?
Only ones that were new in the new game, nothing was left opne-ended from MGS. Nothing at all, it was a new story with some links thrown backwards - there were no loose ends to tie up.
The same could easily happen again.

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