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"5 Things About You"

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Mon 03/07/06 at 08:49
Posts: 19,415
Another borrowed thread idea off the lovely @ngel.

[B]List 5 things interesting or not about you that we didn't know before.[/B] (Of course you can list more if you like)

1. I have one blue eye and one brown eye.
2. I don't like fish or peanuts (possibly because of their strong smell).
3. I was born on Friday 13th, 13 is one of my lucky numbers.
4. My favourite food is Chinese
5. As a kid I loved watching saturday morning cartoons and had a crush on Penny the girl from the Inspector Gadget cartoon. heh.
Wed 11/04/07 at 08:33
Posts: 8,220
1. I've been playing poker. I think I'm about even for the night. Won $3.50 in cash, played in an MTT and SNG, didn't cash in either, and won one heads-up game.

2. Mixing up my types of poker game (I've played cash, SnG, MTT, 10-handed, 6-handed and heads up tonight) messes with my head and makes me play much worse!

3. I'm on holiday from work. I stayed in the country because I lost my passport :^S

4. As soon as I went on holiday, I slipped into my old completely nocturnal sleep pattern.

5. I'm wasting all the money I would have spent on going on holiday, if I had my passport, on buying tripe. I think I've spent over 100 in the last few days, but I have very little idea what on. I know I bought 2 video games, to go with the 6 others I've not played yet, and 4 more I've barely played.
Wed 11/04/07 at 01:07
"We are not alone..."
Posts: 35
1. Some say I have too much spare time on my hands.
2. I cannot kick myself in the head (although my son can)
3. The car in front of me is NOT a friggin' Toyota.
4. My website contains over 1000 interesting features.
5. If I was a millionaire, I could live off the interest alone!

Tip: Don't live life in regret, make your mistakes and find someone else to take the blame!
Tue 10/04/07 at 12:22
Posts: 285
Der Nazi wrote:
> That's pretty cunning... next time I get set a dull and
> potentially rather long essay, I'll start a topic in Intelligent
> Discussion and get people to throw ideas around sao I don't have
> to do much thinking! X^D

But if its for GCSE and you get caught, your marks can be thrown away and u get a rubbish-y grade.
Tue 10/04/07 at 12:19
Posts: 285
1. 15 years old
2. Sorted out this jock off virus all by myself yesterday!
3. Love them dinky donuts from sainsburys, especially when they got chocolate on and have been heated up in the microwave after being frozen.
4. Innocent fruit smoothies are my life.
5. Peeved that on most recent winners list my name was top, but then removed as the damn tool got bugged. Got hopes up for nothing.
Mon 09/04/07 at 00:21
"Music Leasing"
Posts: 4
1. My name iz ben
2. I have 2 freeola sites and
3. I have a brotha
4. I recently passed my drivin theory test
5. I luv graphix design!!

LMAO sooo bored lol
Wed 04/04/07 at 13:24
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
1. Looking forward to going to New York in June for my birthday
2. Just got back from Asda
3. Watching Scrubs
4. Looking forward to a day off work on Monday
5. Not looking forward to spending another day at work with all the idiots and power tripping managers again.
Wed 04/04/07 at 10:46
Posts: 10,009
1 Looking forward to 4 days off this weekend
2 Wondering what to have for my dinner seeing as I've forgotten my sandwiches
3 Slack at work so posting quite a bit on here during the day - shame no - one else is though :D
4 Looking forward to the meet up
5 Have a sort throat
Thu 08/03/07 at 10:43
Posts: 9,397
> 1 Looking forward to sunday.
> 2 Also looking forward to monday.
> 3 Yep and Looking forward to the Freeola meet up.
> 4 Wondering if there is anything else to look forward too.
> 5 Wish the flipping house sale would just complete!
Thu 08/03/07 at 10:23
Posts: 10,009
1 Currently deciding where to go on honeymoon
2 Looking around for a new job
3 Looking forward to the Freeola meet up
4 Playing pool at dinner :)
5 Trying to decide on a topic for my next review
Fri 16/02/07 at 16:41
Posts: 19,415
Machie wrote:
> I'm going to visit Astoria, Oregon =)

It's where the Goonies was filmed :P

It was a kids film in the 80ies, you lot probably don't remember it as you're all so young. =P

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