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"SR World Cup 3- The Competition"

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Sun 15/06/03 at 16:07
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Hi all, this topic is going to be for all the games (I can't have the whole competition in the topic "SR world Cup 3- Team Selection" can I?)

The competition will start off tomorrow with the first games of group 1 and 2 and we'll go from there, the groups are:-

Group A
Denmark (Vamp)
Spain (Triple_H)
Senegal (AgentFrodo)
South Africa (Tom)

Group B
Ireland (Lindgren)
Italy (Longy)
Tunisia (Lucio)
Poland (Blank)

Group C
England (Mandatare)
Uruguay (El Natbuc)
Russia (Pro Evo)
Sweden (Reynolds)

Group D
Saudi Arabia (Figo)
Mexico (KR)
Slovenia (El Juicy)
Brazil (Spikecast)

Group E
Nigeria (Cid Vilante)
USA (lalakersrule)
Ecuador (Aliboy)
France (Sdrawkcab)

Group F
Costa Rica (The craziest Col)
Argentina (HelloHowArtThou)
South Korea (FinalFantasyFanatic)
Belgium (DW)

Group G
Croatia (Shadow)
Japan (Elf Ears)
Paraguay (GrandPrix)
Turkey (Unbeliever)

Group H
Portugal (Hercules!)
Cameroon (SfonŠ)
Germany (Absolut Neo)
China (Microchips)

I'll post tomorrow's fixture list later today.
Tue 30/09/03 at 20:24
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Manda?are wrote:
> Badgerman wrote:
> (7 or 8 weeks then)
> * Jots down on Calender *
Tue 30/09/03 at 20:22
Posts: 6,094
*looks to see if match has been played*
Tue 16/09/03 at 22:43
Posts: 23,218
i will win!
Mon 15/09/03 at 23:11
"Conversation Killer"
Posts: 5,550
Badgerman wrote:
> (7 or 8 weeks then)


* Jots down on Calender *
Mon 15/09/03 at 22:25
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
(7 or 8 weeks then)
Mon 15/09/03 at 22:24
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729

Soon hopefully.
Mon 15/09/03 at 21:54
"Conversation Killer"
Posts: 5,550
*I Repeat*
When's my match going to be played?
Mon 15/09/03 at 19:58
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
*Puts middle finger up at Longy*
Mon 15/09/03 at 18:04
Posts: 23,218
Yes longy you lost ages ago :p
Sun 14/09/03 at 22:46
Posts: 6,100
im out am i not? all with all the other good teams *cough*fix*cough*

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