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"Peep Show"

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Mon 09/04/07 at 05:55
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It's back on Friday.

And so is Derren Brown.

Anyone who tries to pursuade me to do anything other than hermit up in front of the tv will be sorely disappointed.

And beaten.

To be honest, I thought series 3 was a bit lame, but ended extremely well. It seemed like a good way to put the show to rest. So I'm dubious about the resurrection, but so long as it's awesome I'll be happy.

I'm also expecting Derren Brown to make my brain blue-screen as I gape 'Howwwww' (did Jonathan Ross get such a HOT wife?)

Seriously, his missus is *supurb*.
Sun 20/05/07 at 18:37
Posts: 8,220
Does the wedding take us up to the end of the series?

It's been a shame, it was okay, but not special, like the first two were.

Maybe part of that is the appreciation for something fresh, new and interesting though.

I don't watch enough TV to see many other comedies, so I guess I'll probably miss the next thing to come along of such a standard as the first series.

When they were in the car, 'you're in the middle of the road. You'll get us killed, for the sake of your legacy. You're not Blair you know'.

Genius. I probably laughed more there than in the rest of the series combined.

But burning the barn down was genius. I could imagine Dringo standing there watching it.
Mon 14/05/07 at 16:49
"lets go back"
Posts: 2,661
The last few episodes have been quite good actually. Im quite enjoying this series.
Mon 14/05/07 at 16:42
Posts: 9,995
I actually got really hungry when I saw that part :D
Sun 13/05/07 at 23:48
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
As if he ate the dog :x
Fri 11/05/07 at 23:05
Posts: 9,995
This show is still ridiculously funny.
Wed 18/04/07 at 20:14
"lets go back"
Posts: 2,661
I watched season 1 yesterday and its so much more funny than the latest episodes. The new stuff wasnt bad. I had a few laughs and its better than most the rubbish on tv, but its not excellent the way the first 2 series were.
Wed 18/04/07 at 11:03
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
I haven't seen any of the latest series, but last Friday I was rather too tired to be sitting around watching TV, even at 10:30.

Only full series I've seen was series one. In one session, thanks to the DVD. And by God, it's funny. :)
Tue 17/04/07 at 11:36
Posts: 24
lmfao !!!

i love the peep show. i had only ever watched the 1st episode of
serious 4 but i watch all the rest (1,2 and 3) on reply lmao !!

soooooo damn funni !!!
Fri 13/04/07 at 23:03
Posts: 9,995
Lovin' the Dringo reference.
Wed 11/04/07 at 21:48
Posts: 8,220
Awesome, when they get divorced she will be mine, and you'll be left with Anna Nicole Smith.

I think she died too. But the tats probably aren't biodegradable so you'll be alright.

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