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"XBL first impressions......................."

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Wed 25/06/03 at 22:47
Posts: 787
I've just signed up to XBL and have RTCW and motoGP2. My connection was activated monday night and yesterday was my first taste of XBL.
First off was motoGP2, after some good reviews from this site, well, I hope it gets better......I was a little nervous to talk at first but after hearing constant rants and the likes of 'F***,F***,F***,F***' all the time I got a little pee'd to say the least. Does it get any better??
I then had a bash at RTCW, now I havent completed the game offline yet so i dont know many of the maps or the different game objectives but at least it was a laugh and mainly fun, apart from the LAG. I was hoping to get away from the 56k online game laggishness....but have seen it lurking within the Castle much for ADSL!!

So, someone please enlighten me.......
Sat 28/06/03 at 08:16
Posts: 218
LŠR wrote:
> I actually bite my hand as hard as I can because I know if I stand up
> I will just smack the wall as hard as I can. Last time I did that I
> split the skin open between my little finger and I was in a lot of
> pain. Had to have a few paracetamols and I couldn't put my hand around
> the controll for a few days.

When playin xbl to stop my frustration, i bite my hand or punch the mattress on my bed (very good remedy for anger) and on some occasions i hurt myself (bang head against wall etc)

i need to stop taking games so seriously
Sat 28/06/03 at 00:27
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
I just yell.

I never punch anything.
Sat 28/06/03 at 00:12
"Oi you- sort it out"
Posts: 2,969
This thread is priceless. We all sound crazy.

Alaistar moreso than the rest of us. :P
Thu 26/06/03 at 20:20
Posts: 13,611
I just yell swear words, sometimes just 'Why? WHY?'. Worst thing I've done is just gone mental and squeezed my PS2 controller between my hands so hard that it flipped out, smacking the wall and then hitting the ground. Then I kicked it.

The rumble function is now a slow 'clocking', and it makes a rattling sound whenever it moves :D.
Thu 26/06/03 at 11:30
"Brownium Motion"
Posts: 4,100
I've uttered a series of expletives before but that's the worst I've done.
Thu 26/06/03 at 11:29
Posts: 21,800
As for biting things....

I have images of a tard person chowing down on some SNES controller.
Thu 26/06/03 at 11:29
Posts: 21,800
You people are nuts.

I shout a hell of a lot and swear a lot at my TV (living in a semi detached house, the neighbours must think I'm mental), the worst thing i've ever done is punch the monitor but i've never broken anything.
Thu 26/06/03 at 11:22
Posts: 10,364
I have sworn at the telly before, and maybe repeatedly hit my leg cause some games peed me off.

And I punched a wall, which cut open my knuckles.

They say games are meant to be a relaxing and fun experiance....
Thu 26/06/03 at 10:58
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
I think I'll get Live. It does sound pretty fun. But I'll wait until after my holiday so I don't miss a month of my subscription. Might even wait until PGR2.

Just thought I would share that with you all.
Thu 26/06/03 at 09:07
"Best Price @ GAME :"
Posts: 3,812
If you don't like the people in the game or get fed up of them then just bail out and find another game. It does take a while to find decent people sometimes. If possible play through the daytime, my best games on most Live games have been in the afternoons and mornings.

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