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"360 Elite - Not for Gamers?"

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Thu 29/03/07 at 04:29
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The 360 Elite has been announced - basically as far as I can work out it's the same as the Premium XBox 360 but with a 120Gb HDD and includes an HDMI cable.

"Today's games and entertainment enthusiast has a insatiable appetite for digital high-definition content," commented Peter Moore, corporate vice president for Microsoft Xbox.

I can understand the reason for the 120Gb HDD, because all that high definition media takes up storage space. But as a gaming enthusiast, and not an entertainment enthusiast, I have no earthly reason to have an 'insatiable appetite for digital high-definition content' and am quite happy with my current 1Mb or so game saves here and there on my current 360 20Gb HDD.

Not being the owner of an HDTV, and I suspect I'm not the only one, there is no earthly reason for me to download game trailers, TV shows, music videos and movies in HD format. To be brutally honest with my eyesight I doubt I could tell the difference anyway.

So is the 360 Elite the new PSX? (For those with short memories the PSX was Sony's similar effort to make the PlayStation the central hub in the living room for all entertainment, it was basically a PS2 souped up with its own media centre and came in 160Gb or 250Gb HDD versions, and it sold so well Japan that Sony never bothered trying to sell it anywhere else).

Did Sony put all their eggs in High Definition before gamers were ready for it and is this a kneejerk reaction by Microsoft to bring out something similar, even though gamers still aren't ready for it?

Or is it just me that's not ready for HD, doesn't care about HD, just wants decent games to play on a decent games machine and is starting to think that Nintendo were the only ones with the right vision this generation?

It just baffles me why two of the biggest console game names in the industry are trying to morph what were already great games machines from last generation into something that they're not. It strikes me that HD buffs are going to opt for standalone top-of-the-line HD players (whether that be Blu-ray or HD-DVD), and games buffs are trying to opt for standalone top-of-the-line games machines but our choice is looking to become more and more limited with each passing year.

5 years from now I might be looking forward to a new Tamagotchi keyring.
Wed 23/01/08 at 10:50
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You'll also need to be online to be able to play any downloaded stuff as the serial numbers won't match to the harddrive/elite console.

Hopefully I'll get around to writing to Micro$oft and see if they'll be able to release it for offline play.
Tue 22/01/08 at 13:47
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Still want one.

But I'd have to sell my standard 360 as well, and that's messy as I'll have to transfer the HD contents over to the Elite...
Tue 22/01/08 at 12:00
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Had my Elite for about 3 months now and I love it. It feels better than the premium and looks pretty cool.

And you're right - bragging rights :p
Mon 21/01/08 at 19:04
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I just bought one because it had Elite in the name and comes with bragging rights. lol.
Mon 07/01/08 at 19:06
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the 360 Elite is black. this makes it brilliant.

no, not positive discrimination, it`ll just match the rest of my stuff :D
Sun 06/01/08 at 07:41
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i think i will stick with my plain 360, i own a hdtv and am interested in watching hd content, but not on my 360, i dont want to pay microsoft to watch free tv episodes.

the extra hard drive space if silly, 120gb is a small amount of space for anyone who wants to download hd content. why not put a 250 or 320gb drive in, is this so they can release another drive later, or worse another 360 maybe in gold or silver or what ever colour home entertainment systems are at the time.
it wouldnt cost much more to put in a bigger drive, just look at hdd's for pcs, there is only a small cost difference between bigger drives

as for me im happy with using my 360 as a hd games console, i will wait to see who wins the format war (hd dvd or blu-ray) then buy a standalone player, by then i will proberbly get one for under 150 and there will be lots os cheap movies to but on amazon and ebay
Sun 04/11/07 at 16:06
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From what I have heard from the Microsoft rep that comes into our games store, Microsoft is thinking of the TV on demand, where you pay x amount of microsoft points and download episodes of things like lost/simpsons/futurama etc. The reason for the larger harddrive is so you could download and play these episodes (20GB not large enough). It should be similar to the music videos you can buy.

However, with my Elite waiting, no further developments have been made.

However, love the Elite, it looks smart, enables me to store way too many demos and arcade games, is much quieter and doesn't seem to have the problem of overheating like the white 360s did.

Whether or not its will prove a waste of money, is yet to be established, but when I sell an Elite at work, you feel you are selling a much superior product.
Fri 31/08/07 at 13:13
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how i did'nt know about that
Tue 21/08/07 at 18:12
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Suicide Soldier wrote:
> You get what you pay for.

To be honest, you don't more often than not. Oh, sure, if you spend 4,000 on a 42" plasma instead of the 999 you can get away with, for example, the Panasonic 2007 Viera 42" Plasma TV with Freeview, then there will be some marginal quality improvements with regards to the picture and, possibly, the product lifetime.

But given that the above quotyed product is practically guranteed for 20 years anyway, and given that it's almost impossible to tell the quality difference without super-human vision, the difference is really for pedants and techno-geeks. It's a pricing policy known as skimming, whereby the manufacturers know that there is always someone stupid enough to pay for the most expensive, and allegedly most advanced products on the market, solely for the kudos of having done so.
Tue 21/08/07 at 10:33
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Well, I was right about needing HDMI, as all new full Xbox360 packages are going to have this as standard now.

In an ideal world that means anyone who gets the 3 red lights will end up with a new box with HDMI if theirs can't be fixed.

Since MS are now using the TSMC 90nm DRAM and other new components which provide less heat, all the new boxes should have far less chance of breaking down as well.

Just wish I could get one with HDMI (not that I have my HDTV yet, but it will appear soon), but I'm not going to sell my 360 and get a new one just for this when VGA would do for now.

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