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"NiGHTS into Wii"

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Wed 28/03/07 at 09:03
"possibly impossible"
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It looks like NiGHTS is coming to Wii. The game so many people want a sequel to might actually happen after all.

IGN story here

It's not 100% certain yet, but the stories are coming from several sources, so it looks likely.

All good news for those of us that remember (or still have) the Saturn version.
Wed 02/05/07 at 11:58
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sounds to me like you have played the demo. There is very few games like Nights.
Sat 28/04/07 at 19:13
"Long time no see!"
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I vaguely remember playing what I think may have been a demo of the original game on the Saturn in a Comet store, many years ago...

I can remember spinning and warping across this 'level', perhaps also transforming as well... My friend asked me 'WOW! How did you do that?!?' I had no idea! That 'future of gaming' within the Saturn's pad was all to much for my SNES-shapen hands back in those days. I just couldn't get in to it.

Then again, it may have been a totally different Saturn game altogether! :P Either way, I've only very good things from all manner of people since.
Sat 14/04/07 at 10:48
Posts: 213
I guess its down to opinion. I thought the first few sonic games were ok but then the idea of just running right until you got to the next level was just lame. The boss was the only real challenge and how many of you could say you never completed it???? Ok the free roaming ones may not have been as fast, and I agree that Sonic R was awful, but at least they were a little harder. It is funny though how the Mario franchise managed to go from "linear platform" games and make the sucessful transition to 3D free roaming games. For example i honestly believe that Mario 64 for the N64 was the best mario game and I know many agree. Even mario sunshine for the cube was ok. The only real 3D Mario failure was "luigi's mansion" and that still sold loads it was just rubbish and to be fair, no mario appart from at the terrible ending. Its just a shame the sonic team could not create good 3D games that were free roaming.
Fri 13/04/07 at 23:04
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"The cittttttty is greeeeeen Shooby!"
Fri 13/04/07 at 22:49
"Forum Tweener"
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Sonic R is truly horrible pb, what do you see in it? Tell me it's not that horrible soundtrack!
Fri 13/04/07 at 21:40
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
The problem was that the games HAD changed since the Megadrive version. The ones that didn't work were often the free roaming ones. Sonic is all about going fast from A to B, it wouldn't be sonic otherwise. Sonic on the Wii worked better than most of the 3D games before it (I still like Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast and GC and Sonic R, the first true 3D Sonic game on the Saturn).

As for Nights. You'll have the choice of two different control systems, but the Wii Remote will work, I'm sure.

Bring on a Burning Rangers sequel next, I say!
Fri 13/04/07 at 16:35
Posts: 213
yes guys the answer is ,indeed, worms or maybe some type of boily.

I think the controller will be fluid enough as the rafting etc in twilight princess is fairly fluid and they cope with the various driving games ok. You are right on one thing though, Sonic team has produced some real tut recently and I have no doubt sonic will probably appear in the storyline if not as a bonus character in the game itself.......errrrrrgh. I think it is time to put sonic down or at least make the games free roaming instead of linear. Alright the graphics are now 3D and he may change directions in his "Convayor belt" style levels but the gameplay has not changed in format since the original Mastersystem version.

Quickly someone pass me my dead horse!!!!!!!
Thu 12/04/07 at 22:30
"Fishing For Reddies"
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I'm not sold on NiGHTS Wii... I don't think the Wii-mote will be fluid enough. Plus, Sonic Team have released some tat in recent years... there's every chance they'll mess it up.

Of course, I hope they don't.

As long as the control is fine and they don't include Sonic in it somewhere, it'll be fine. I hope.
Thu 12/04/07 at 17:05
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You eat worms. I thought that was rather obvious.
Thu 12/04/07 at 16:03
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
One question.

How exactly do you bait your breath?

I've always wondered...

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