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"In praise of Metroid Prime..."

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Metroid Prime'.
Thu 10/07/03 at 10:43
Posts: 787
I know it's not hot news, but I only got it last week, (after being very busy with other things).

I can honestly say I think it's the finest game I've ever played on any format, and an absolute joy, so well crafted, and such a well designed, complete environment.

So much detail, and so much much fun.
Fri 11/07/03 at 19:53
Posts: 10,437
Ah, k
Fri 11/07/03 at 19:42
Posts: 33,481
Rickoss wrote:
> Hedfix wrote:
> Based on the last 5 I have played recently.
> Ah, that doesn't seem as bad :-D

Yes but they rock!
Fri 11/07/03 at 19:42
Posts: 33,481
Oh I missed Turok 4: Good multi, some inspired levels, shooting dinosaurs, it's got everything a Turok game should have.
Fri 11/07/03 at 19:40
Posts: 33,481
Jedi Knight 2 - GOOD no, GREAT multi
MX superfly - good multi - really good score boards from 1 - 10 minutes
Red Card - good multi, I normally hate football games.
Simpsons RR - good multi and strangely good considering I normally hate arcade-style games.

Games i play less now:

The Monkey balls
Smugglers run

Oh and Rogue Leader is just GAY.

Basically my Xbox is kicking my GC's ass as far as multiformat multiplayer goes.
Fri 11/07/03 at 19:39
Posts: 10,437
Hedfix wrote:
> Based on the last 5 I have played recently.

Ah, that doesn't seem as bad :-D
Fri 11/07/03 at 19:34
Posts: 33,481
Let me put it this way:

Metroid Prime - 1 player
Zelda: WW - 1 player
Eternal Darkness - 1 player
TimeSplitters 2 - own on xbox
Burnout 2: Point of Impact - own on xbox

Fri 11/07/03 at 19:33
Posts: 33,481
Nope. I buy for the Multi. And I have most of my games for the Xbox.
Fri 11/07/03 at 19:30
Posts: 10,437
Hedfix wrote:
> OoOo Top Fives!
> Turok 4
> Jedi Knight 2
> MX superfly
> Red Card
> Simpsons RR

Oh pleaaaaasse tell me you're joking...
Fri 11/07/03 at 18:38
"aka 'SLIM'"
Posts: 2,037
I played 5 minutes of metroid prime and got bored although the graphics were fantastic!
Fri 11/07/03 at 17:37
Posts: 10,437
My top 5:

Metroid Prime
Zelda: WW
Eternal Darkness
TimeSplitters 2
Burnout 2: Point of Impact

Although I'm still undecided about Burnout, as I only got it a few days ago.

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